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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween - Columbus MS Photographer

Can you feel my excitement at it being halloween?  Awesome!!!!  I didnt wear my costume to work but I did wear my cute Victorian-goth-inspired shirt, so that counts for something right?  I am just as excited as the kids (if not more so) about trick or treating tonight... costumes and candy - 2 of my most favorite things... and its always nice to get a little recognition for all the work that went into the costumes, thankyouverymuch!   Hope yall have a great one!


In other news, Ive been nominated for a Liebster award by Abby at The Happy Teapot (she has the cutest blog)

So here’s how to participate in the awards:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer.

3. Choose people to nominate and link them in your post.

4. Go to their page and tell them.

5. No tag backs!

11 Things about me:

1. I am a goth girl at heart and nothing makes me happier than grey, black, spiders, bats, cats, abandoned houses, cemetaries, piercings and black eyeliner... and spiky jewelry.

2. Although I am a goth girl, I rarely can dress this way b/c I work a full time office job and I dont want to scare my photography clients... but catch me on a day that Im off and chances are I will have on heavy black eyeliner, biker boots and some punk pants

3. I have a batchelors degree in chemistry.... but I dont use it.  But I am a total science nerd and love anything science-y related... and it means Im smart too, right?

4. I love to read.... LOVE it..... Ive already ready close to 30 books this year and it would be more but I do actually have to work.  I just finished The Great Gatsby.

5. Ive only had one photography class in my life - in high school - before digital really existed.

6. I am a thrift store JUNKIE.... for real.

7. I wear socks all the time.... especially to bed, and if I have to walk outside for something, its usually in my socks with no shoes.... and I make the kids keep thier socks on all the time too b/c Im afraid of anyone's feet getting cold

8. I love food smells... and all my bath products, lotions and perfumes have some sort of food based smell to them

9. I really want blue hair but I dont think my work would go for it...

10.  I may be goth, but I am super scared of snakes... they freak me out!  (although I do love drawings and decorations of them).... also, I love rubber snakes and have a ton of them.

11. My favorite color is green.

Answers to Abby’s questions:

1. What is your dream job?
- full time photographer (hoping and praying and working hard to accomplish this!)
- feeding penguins at the zoo
- assistant to the makeup or prop person on a movie
- assistant to Kirsty Mitchell or Tim Walker
- photographer for an orphanage

2. What is your comfort food?
- pasta (no mushrooms though)
- chocolate
- canollis

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
- Hong Kong... its so freaking amazing!

4. What is your least favorite household chore?
- cleaning the bathrooms

5. What is your favorite song right now?
- Push and Shove by No Doubt

6. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
- Im a hoarder so I collect everything.... :)  But probably the better answer is anything I can use for a photo prop which includes formal dresses and wedding dresses

7. What is your biggest pet peeve?
- people not saying thank you

8. Do you like surprises?
- depends on what it is... I love getting surprise in the mail, but I hate being jumped out at or caught offguard

9. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
- both... we have 1 inside cat and 2 outside dogs... I love animals and have wanted a pet goat, chickens and a bat before, but Daniel says no.

10. What is your most embarrassing moment?
- I went to college with Eli Manning.... at lunch, he was sitting with some other football players that I was talking to, and I asked him what position he played... yeah, so Im not really into sports.

11. What do you do when you want to cheer yourself up?
- put a record on the record player and dance around crazy

Ok, my 11 questions... :)

1. Whats your guilty food pleasure?

2. What did you want to be when you grew up and what do you think about that now?

3. Favorite holiday?

4. One thing you wish you could change about yourself?

5. What store would you love to have a $100 gift card to?

6. First thing you do on Christmas morning?

7. Favorite cartoon - as a kid and now?

8. Least favorite halloween costume youve ever had?

9. What are two things you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

10. What is under your bed?

11. What is one thing you wish you could have back?

ok, as for nominations.... ick, this will probably get my un-nominated, but whatever... since this is my business blog, I dont really know who all reads and if you do read, who has a blog or not... so either go ahead and do it (and comment so I know where to read your answers) or let me know you want to be nominated and I will... :)

Love yall!  Have a great Halloween.... oh, and I will be out of the office tomorrow... :)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alyssa - Columbus MS Photographer

You may remember Alyssa from her session last year... she has these incredible eyes that just look into you. I love this age... Alyssa was all over the place and then all of a sudden, she would stop and pose and then pick back up, running around as if she had never stopped.  I cant wait to see how much she has grown at our next session!

Did I mention she has a gorgeous family that I love....and Jessica always puts everyone in the best outfits!

New (gorgeous!) little brother this year... :)

daddy's girl..

Grabowski family, I adore you and am absolutely so, so thankful for you - you make my job easy-peasy and I love you for that... thank you for everything!

So this weekend (well, Friday - Monday) is the last big hurrah for my photography season and its a doozy....  but Im looking forward to it.... its not my last pictures for the year, but its my last big weekend before the holidays really take hold.  I may have one or two spots left for the year if you want it... but mostly I am booking for next year already, so dont wait!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

How sweet is that chubby little face.... that's Gabe.  He was THE most beautiful baby with white-blonde hair and dark blue eyes and super fair skin.  I dont know that Daniel and I could tell you how many times we heard "he cannot be a boy, he is too pretty" when he was a year or less.  And the sweetest child.

And personally, I think he has grown even better looking, although he doesnt look anything like a girl now.... he still has that blonde hair and blue eyes... and Im pretty sure he is going to be a bit of a heartbreaker when he gets older...

... but then thats just his mama talking... :)

Happy Friday and happy weekend... email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

(Emma's 5 year old birthday pics, 2011)

Well, I must be in a total DIY/cooking mood b/c that is most of what I liked this week... I guess its the halloween coming out in me - I love making stuff... so if thats you do, then I have alot of new things for you to try... and a few fun things to look at as well... have fun (and if you do make anything, Id love to see!)

Belle and Boo China… I so, so want

how its done… a thank you note to a vendor

homemade chocolate pumpkin patties!

homemade pumpkin yogurt! (like the ice cream kind, not the container kind)

petri dish jello… total science nerd

crock pot baked apples… yum!

silver antiqued pumpkins... I love this trend

diy drippy nails… perfect for Halloween

water activated street art... just in awe

magnetic wallpaper... oh the possibilities!

silkscreen glassware… I really want to try this

A great way to use those empty cereal boxes… give back!

I love this wedding centerpiece idea… pairing up colored flowers with the same colored fruit

one of the first 2 piece wedding dresses that Ive seen… and I love the bridesmaids dresses

interesting Louboutin window display… yes, still a science nerd

love this bright colored art, especially the candy skulls

Tim Walker has a show… one of my most favorite photographers ever!

Alright, thats it for this link love Thursday... hope you enjoyed!  Have a great rest of the day!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Megan & Christian - Columbus MS Photographer

Ive got a treat for you today... I teased you with Megan and Christian's session last week (and on facebook!), so here is alot more for you to ogle either.... .

Christian flies planes and Megan is his sweetheart.... they are so truly in love and its so fun to see how Christian can barely hold back that spark when Megan is around.  And its not hard to see why - Megan is gorgeous and unbelievably sweet.  We rode all over the base and chatted like we were old friends.  They are hoping to get married at a little ceremony early next year.... I truly enjoyed my time with them and hopefully Ill get in a little more before they leave!

Oh, watch out for that shark in the water.... just kidding, its just a stump, but I always do a double take on that pic

Yes, they are this pretty in real life... :)

Since we were on base, we definitely had to get a few shots with the planes... with a few good vintage ones in for good measure!

What a cute way to end a session, right?!!

So yes... I fell in love with Megan and Christian and cant wait to see what the next step in their life is going to be!

And thanks for all the well wishes for yesterday... I had a great time - thanks to Dr Mark Goodman and his class - yall were wonderful.... :)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Willcutt Girls - Columbus Ms Photographer

I love the Cookie Mama... which means I love the Willcutts - Shannon, Jason and their girls, Macy and Lucy.  Oh my goodness, if youve ever met Shannon, then you know that she just bring sunshine with her wherever she goes... and her girls are just like her.   So I love to be around them (even if I am kind of a goth girl)... :)

I did their pictures two years ago, so I practically begged Shannon to let me do them again... because for real, her girls are like sugar... sugar, I tell you.... check out some of their pictures.  (and how cool that all the backgrounds coordinated with their outfits, and this was not even planned in advance, I love when things work out)

seriously, how pretty are these steps?!

We found this sign and thought the girls were too cute... :)

LOVE this family!

Only Shannon and Jason would let me drag them all the way out in crazy high grass and weeds for these shots... but I think they are so worth it!

Maybe it wont be two years before we get to do pictures again... Macy has already outgrown me, and Lucy is fastly catching up... its such a privilege to be able to watch my clients grow up.... :)

Yay, its Tuesday.... and I still have tons and tons of stuff to show you.  I am really nervous - I am speaking in a college level photography class today - eek, hope I do alright... Im not the best public speaker (that would be my lovely husband, Daniel)... so wish me luck!

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