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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Norwood Family - Columbus MS Photographer

You might just recognize this family from this session, or you may not, since this little man has just grown up on me... I cant get over how big he has gotten. But he still has the sweetest family.I love little boy serious looks... :)Im not totally sure what it is, but I love black and white playground pics... :)Thank you Norwood family for letting me spend time with yall again - yall are just delightful and so is that little man of yours - you need to tell him to stop growing up so much though... :)

Not really caring for this sudden snap of cold weather, thankfully it seems to be warming back up a bit.... and I cant believe tomorrow is December - where did the year go? I cant believe it... but its been a good year - and for that, I am so, so thankful.

So thank you.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Gabe: 7 years old

You dont hear alot about my oldest - Gabe.... He isnt really the social butterfly that Emma is and he isnt really so "new" as Wallace.... but he holds my heart. And he just turned 7 in August. 7!!! I cant believe I have a 7 year old b/c mostly that just means that Im old... or actually if you looked at the pictures, you might just say that Im 7 b/c well, Gabe is pretty much his mama made over... and I love him for that.He already looks like he is bordering on the verge of teenage-hood. At 7... I can only imagine how old he is going to look next year... I dont know if I can stand it!

This is what we did on his actual birthday.... we had some celebratory pancakes.
And took the training wheels off...
It was a good day.... glad that this one is all mine... :)

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kimberly & Tim - the wedding: Columbus Ms Photographer

Ive been squirreling this wedding away from you because it was too good, but now the time has come and hold on to your socks because there are alot of pictures. One of the main reasons that this wedding was so good is the bride and groom. I LOVE them - they are amazing and I am so glad that they came into my life and I feel blessed that I was the one who got to capture these memories for them.

Ok, and can I please just take a minute here and encourage all of the brides out there to please have your wedding at The Magnolias in Aberdeen - its so amazing and if you have your wedding on the front porch like Kimberly and Tim did, its a photographer's dream b/c you can go behind and up top without anyone noticing! Also, it has a wooden swing in the front yard! And even though its an antebellum home, its not crammed full of furniture and antiques so pictures are easy and beautiful.... wait a minute, let me show you... :)Kimberly was just a stunning bride... stunning!So are you starting to get an idea of how amazing the location is yet?The first look... always my favorite part!look at the light on these... gorgeous!Tim made for a pretty good looking groom as wellCheck out some of the ring shots... love these!Hands down... formals are always better when done outside.The decorations were just amazing... can you believe Kimberly hand painted all the pumpkins herself?Now this is the way to start a reception... :)I think it was good.. :)The groom's cake wasnt too shabby either.Notice anything? (pretty cool, right?!)Check out the sweet moment on the left...Photobomb... :)
Kimberly and Tim (and your friends and family!), thank you so, so much. I hope you know how much I love you and appreciate the huge blessing you have been in my life. I cant believe I was the lucky one who got to photograph this wedding. It was just amazing and Im so grateful. Thank you for making me feel completely at home. I wish you all the best!

One more wedding and Im done with this season. This year has just been spectactular and I couldnt ask for more. Wow!

Right now, Im concentrating on my bridal booth for next year and I promise you arent going to want to miss it! These are always some of my most favorite events of the year because I get to show off my creativity and passion and hard work - and I get to meet some wonderful brides (and grooms!). Cannot wait.

Also, a quick note... I will only be booking 20 weddings total next year. I want to give each wedding personal attention and my very best and I cannot do that if I have too much on my plate. So this year, I am limiting to only 20 and I already have 2 on the books.... if you are thinking about using me, I would love to talk to you - but dont wait. Like I said, bridal show season is fast approaching and after it, the iniquiries come fast and furious. Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com so we can set up a time to meet and just chat about what you are looking for.

Also... when I get to 500 likes on my facebook fan page (link on top right), I will give away a free session with a cd (would be great for engagments or even as a gift!), and at 1,000 likes Im going to give away a free wedding package. This can only happen with your support, so get going and sharing... :)