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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Business Cards

I figured it was about time that I finally get some business cards.... but who do I turn to... I, personally, am not a graphic designer - no matter how creative I am....

I needed someone with experience, a sweet personality who wouldnt mind me being picky... and someone who knew me and what I liked..... so where was I going to find the perfect person? Well, I didnt need to look any further than Jenny Holloway Designs - Jenny is amazing, and the sweetest. She is so good at what she does.... you should check her new Valentine cards she has out - uber-cute and totally customizable.

How awesome is this?!!! I love it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I thought I would share a few secrets with all my faithful blog readers (and new ones too!)

The first being..... I love America's Next Top Model.... I honestly could do without all the drama, but I do adore those photo shoots..... if youve seen the show then you know the type of shoots I am talking about.... they are way way out there, but they look like so much fun and they always push the boundaries.... this is where I want to take my photographer.... always to the limit - actually, I want to push the limits of what is possible and go way past the limits of what is expected of me...

Ok, secret number two.... I do model shoots on the side.... these are always fun and if you have a good model you can get some amazing pictures.... I would love to do something so "out of the box" for some day-after wedding pics or senior pics.... something totally different...

So.... with that introduction, let me make another.... this is Allie.... she is a model I worked with recently, and we had a ball.... I adore how these turned out and thought I would share them with you lovely people (if you are a photographer and want to work with Allie, shoot me an email and Ill get you in touch)

You guys know how much I love the graphic black and whites, right?

So want to know another secret? Yeah, I thought so.... I love really dark and almost gothy pictures.... nothing gory or gross, but dark and alluring.... take these deer pictures for example.... not what you are expecting to see, but gorgeous nonetheless and definitely some of my favorites from the shoot....

How super-glamorous are these?!!

I love the whole alice in wonderland feel of these....

So.... I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better.... If you think you would like to do a model shoot, or have something "out of the box" in mind, get in touch.... email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - and if you enjoyed these or learning my secrets, dont forget to leave a comment....

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Once again, God smiled down upon me and blessed us with another gorgeous day - right smack dab in the middle of winter. It was beautiful and sunny and we had an amazing time just playing around. I also got really lucky when I got such an adorable little man - who was so well behaved... no fussing at all. Gotta love it when everything is going right.

The many faces of Thane....

Is this not just gorgeous?!

I got the privilege of capturing his first time on the slide and big swing... I think he enjoyed both

Seriously gorgeous!

After the park, we headed over to Thane's house.... where I just happened to spy the coffee table in the garage where it was being stored while they were cleaning up.... as always, I ask for some crazy, but I just love how these turned out

Such a gorgeous face on this one!

This one is just too cute!

Thane was so sweet and wanted to share his cheerios....

This is absolutely (in my humble opinion) too beautiful for words.... if I had a studio, this, on a large canvas, would be in there..... I do love really graphic black and whites!

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com to set up your appointment. Please dont wait until last minute.... spring is a very busy time!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Rowe's 1st Birthday

I promised a post, and well, lets just say, I hope you are in the mood to look at pictures.... I think there may just be a million or so (ok, maybe not a million).... if you got here through Celeste, then youve probably already seen some of these, but what the heck - it never hurts to look at a cute little one over and over and over.... especially on such a special occasion...

We did Rowe's 12 month pics first and then I stayed took pics of the party.... lots o' fun.... I love parties!

I thought it would be such a cute pic of Rowe in his bed with his name behind him..... but he had other ideas.... bed = nap = not happy....

but once we took him out, he was the same bubbly smiley personality that we love

I so, so adore this pic.... Celeste has done such an awesome decorating job.... what you see on the wall is Rowe's newborn, 3 month, & 6 month pics.... I love how this one at 12 months is right smack dab in the bottom middle... like everything has come full circle!

Tell me this isnt a beautiful vintage postcard just waiting to happen

How cute, cute, cute is this cake - it was done by Taylor Massey, you should look her up!

Lee stayed outside and cooked some mean burgers... Rowe happened to notice his daddy

Celeste was inside, entertaining the guests - leading Happy Birthday here

Finally, Rowe got some cake....

I think he liked it!

Ok, is it illegal to have parents be this good-looking.... c'mon guys, share the wealth.... :)

Oh my goodness, how I absolutely adore this one!

Present time! Ha - look what Rowe found

Ha - I love that they all have the same expression - thats how you know it was a good present!

I had an amazing time.... as always, Celeste, Lee and Rowe thanks for letting me be a part of your lives, you are amazing people!
Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and the New Year is treating you right.... if you havent already, be sure to check out the new website http://www.talleyimages.com/ . If you are thinking about doing spring pictures, I would really encourage you to try to think about when you want them done and get them scheduled.... spring is always a really busy time and I would hate to miss out on anyone....
Another quick idea for you to think about as well.... Valentines is coming up soon.... tired of the same old cheap Valentines and wish you could have something a bit more unique? Set up a Valentines session and use the wallets as Valentines.... I did this last year with my own kids and it turned out so great! If I have enough interested, I was going to do a Valentines mini-shoot day! It will consist of 30 minute slots, be $50 (plus tax) and you will get 8 wallets of the picture of your choice. Please let me know if you are interested so I can start setting this up. I do have a few props if anyone is interested as well - cupid/angel/fairy wings, tutus, beads, etc.... but feel free to come up with your own idea. Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and let me know ASAP!