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Friday, August 31, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Let me give you a little clue.... we are weird at the Talley house... unapologetically weird and we love it. One of the big things that we do at our house is stick random things on our head and then take a picture. My kids do not really know this is not really socially acceptable behavior... and I kind of hope they never do... :) (does that make me a bad mom?)

So that is where today's picture comes from.... We just had gotten done eating dinner (hence the messy face) and I was looking for something in a drawer and found that bug, so I just put in Wallace's head and took a picture... and I think its cute, so there! (Wallace hadnt gotten his new glasses yet, if you were wondering where they were)


A shout-out to everyone who came and saw me at Coopers Closet yesterday... especially some of Mr Talley's students who said I was cute... :)

So there!

(I have no idea why I just wrote that, so just ignore me)

I will be there again from 3-6... and then Im going home, eating dinner and we are watching Labrynth - a first for my kids and I cant wait to see their reactions..... :)

(we watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure earlier this week for the first time and their reactions were priceless!)

Anyway.... Im super glad its Friday.... and I hope you all have a great weekend! Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - Im always here!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

(sunset, 2oo7)

I dont know about yall but I am BUSY... craziness everywhere... but its all good! Some fun stuff this week - not as much wedding stuff, but I think the season is winding down a little bit before we get to all our gorgeous fall brides (shoutout to Kimberly and Robin!)... so enjoy!

thinking about using someone else’s images for your blog, facebook or pinterest? Might want to think again…

Free cable… anyone heard of this – is it legal?

how to make your wedding invitations out of vintage handkerchiefs… amazing!!!!

loving these posters based on old movies!

love this circus theme and would love to recreate it for a senior girl… fun!

chocolate covered s’mores… I am so making these!

dragon boats – you can make!!!

dying over these rainbow cupcakes!

heart shaped parasols would be amazing for wedding pictures…

love LOVE love how these girls recreated one of their childhood pictures – this would be an amazing shoot for a slumber party…

these DIY bobby pin earrings so rock!

liking these DIY giant photobooth pics as well

while we are on a DIY kick, I think these gold confetti dishes are adorable!

neatorama has some fun stuff

the truth about adoption

cute felt pony perfect for the little girls in your life… and its supporting an adoption… cant get better than that

Can you have it all if you have a kid with a disability?

how to organize without spending any money… I think this is brilliant for packing but not sure I could actually do it for everyday!

interesting concept of printing web pages without the ads and junk

make your own geometric mobile

custom video game covers that look like books = awesome…

cool new designs for outside furniture


Coopers Closet starts today!!! Some come see me - Ill be there from 3-6 this afternoon... if Im not there, I have a few canvases, albums and some coupons on the table - so check those out!

Also, Ive had a few people inquire about the mentoring classes... I seriously could not be more excited. I have thought about doing these forever, but didnt think anyone would be interested... so color me happy... :)

Feel free to email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com anytime!

Hope yall are having a great Thursday... my heart is with the people on the coast and in New Orleans....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sneak Peek - Columbus Ms Photographer

Remember when Jennifer won the free bridal shoot at the Dismals? Well, its all done, so I thought I would give you a sneak peek... full post coming soon! ---------------------------------------------------------------

In other news, I have already had 2 people pledge $20 towards my purple couch... and they also told me to tell you, all my readers, that they are calling you out... so there you go. You have been challenged, so will you accept (heck, Id take $2 if someone offered it)... Im going to try to get a paypal button up on this blog sometime today so keep looking forward to that!


In other news.... I had 4 people want to book sessions yesterday alone. Im not even kidding when I say if you want a session, you need to get on the calendar now because I am running out of days for the rest of the year... and I absolutely hate to turn people away... so email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets get you settled.

The same goes for the mentoring sessions... b/c I am filling up on photo slots, it means that my calendar is filling up in general (b/c I also have to have time to edit the sessions as well... and I still have a husband and 3 kids on a daily basis too).... I absolutely delight in being busy, so Im definitely looking forward to these mentoring sessions!

Someone asked about maybe a photoshop mentoring class as well... I can do a session on the basics if that is what you are looking for, then Id be happy to help and do that... but I am not an expert on anything super complicated (and PS can get super, super complicated)... but I can definitely do the basics and show you a few tricks along the way... :)

Like I said though, you need to be emailing me and getting on my calendar...


In other, other news.... I will be have a booth at Coopers Closet all this week... and I will be there in person to answer any questions mostly from 3-6 every day (and some on Saturday).... I would love to meet you... :)

Have a great Wednesday.... only 2 days until Friday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Seven Deadly Sins - Columbus Ms Photographer

So here you go... all the seven deadly sins in one place. It was so hard to decide which picture to use for each one, but I like how they turned out and how they blended together... :) I still have all of them for sale if you want one or the whole set... :)

Anger EnvyGreedPrideGluttonySloth

LustI am completely indebted to everyone who helped make this series a reality - you will never know how much it has empowered me as a photographer and to really believe in myself. I am so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life... yall are awesome!


So apparently Daniel is right... no one wants to support my purple couch fund. Sadness.... :(

And no, sorry I dont have a picture as Saturday was a non-work day so I didnt bring my camera... but if you know me and my imagination, then you probably have a good picture of how amazing this couch really is.

Not even kidding.

But one way or the other, I will figure this out.


In sort of related news... I am thinking about offering photography mentoring sessions. I will provide a model and figure out a location - based on the type of photography that you want to shoot. Just bring your camera (or borrow one of mine!) and then we will just take an hour and shoot and you can ask any questions you want and I will do my best to answer... learn about posing, lighting, white balance, wrangling kids, how to shoot in manual and whatever else you want to learn... all for $100... where else are you going to find a class where all the materials are provided, its tailored to what you want and need and focused solely on you... plus, you can keep and use all the images that we take for your own portfolio... definitely a steal!

If you are interested, email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com


Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Katelyn & Wayne - Columbus MS Photographer

Remember that sneak peek from last week... well, here is the final post and I hope you are ready because its going to be huge and awesome - I probably shouldnt have put so many pictures, but I cant help it - I LOVED this session.... when you have a couple this gorgeous and sweet, you cant help but fall in love with them. They were absolutely precious and Im just sad that they are getting married in Ohio and not here... :)dont you love the ducks...absolutely gorgeous light!More gorgeous light, I couldnt help myself... :)Katelyn and Wayne opted for the popular 2 hour session so they could make sure they got exactly what they wanted without feeling rushed.... it also meant we got a whole different look and feel to their pictures... fun! One of my most favorite engagement pictures ever!As a photographer, you know you got lucky and got to shoot one of the coolest couples in the world when they totally indulge your whims and look amazing doing it! These two totally rocked my face off!Had to get a picture of this ring!At the end of the session, Katelyn surprised Wayne with a sweet birthday party... his friends showed up with a cake.... so fun! Best way to end a session!Katelyn and Wayne, thank you so, so much for being just completely amazing - I had the best time and I really, really hope I get to work with you again! And you know, if you want to fly me up to Ohio for your wedding, I wouldnt complain a bit... :)


Ok, so I gotta tell you what happened this weekend. Daniel, Wallace and I took the day off and went to Birmingham - we havent had a day off in forever so this was just what we were needing. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE thrift store shopping (and am a huge pro - need something for cheap, come see me!)... anyway, one of my favorite thrift stores was moving to a new location so we went to see if it was open yet. We got there to find out it wasnt, which was a disappointment, but we did find out that it was located next to a really cool indoor flea market/junk store.

So I wandered around.

And I found THE couch.

Oh my goodness, yall! If I had an actual studio this couch would be in it - in a heartbeat.

Its bright purple! Yes, bright purple, and its an older style with a heavy wooden base (kind of like my orange couch, but a different shape, if youve seen that). Gorgeous up against a black wall!

I seriously about just passed out right there.... I actually did start singing the Hallelujah Chorus outloud... and then promptly went and found Daniel to show it to him. I believe he rolled his eyes at the sight of it, but he did admit that it was absolutely me and he wished he could buy it for me.

But we couldnt take it home that day for 2 reasons... 1. we were in the car, so it never would have fit... 2. it cost about $280 - which I know is a steal for an antique couch, but right now, we are saving up for something thats really big in our lives (I cant talk about it now, but will sometime soon, I promise).

So I told Daniel that I was going to put up a paypal donate button on this blog for anyone who wanted to donate to my couch fund because really, who doesnt want their picture on a bright purple couch.... yall, I have this bridal image in my head too that would be amazing.... and family pics on it would be the coolest.

Daniel said I was insane and no one in their right mind would give me any money at all for a couch.

So I come to you, dear readers.... is there a possibility that anybody would donate to my couch fund... or do you have any ideas for a fundraiser for me to get my couch? (b/c Im not totally sure that that store wasnt going out of business and I would lose that couch forever soon?)

So you tell me.... what do you think?


In other news, if you are thinking about booking a session, you need to do it now... not even kidding... I am running out of Saturdays in 2012 (along with 2012 pricing)... I do still have a few Sundays and I have some weekdays as well.... loving being busy! Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets get you scheduled.

Maybe I will even have a purple couch by the time your session is here!


Hope this is just the start of your best week ever!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

This was taken back at VBS a few months ago.... dont let Daniel ever tell you that he isnt wrapped tightly around that little girl's finger because that would be a big, fat lie... :) But really he is an amazing dad... I am very lucky... :)

Random thought: I miss the experience of going into a video store, walking around and renting a movie at least 30 minutes later... :) At least, Top Model comes on tonight, although they are changing the format so I dont know if it will still be good tonight... I guess we will see.

Hope yall have a great Friday and an even better weekend... :)

I love getting emails so email me anytime at talleyimages@yahoo.com

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

(sunset pic from a few years ago.... sometimes it really works out to get up so early)

Since I missed last Thursday, there is a ton of stuff for today... and I didnt skimp either - there is some really amazing stuff today, so be sure and check it all out!

this is about how to choose a newborn photographer, but I think most of it relates perfectly to picking a wedding photographer as well…. “Your baby will only be little for so long and there are no do-overs if the photographer you hire screws up. Once you you get your photos back, your newborn won’t be a newborn any more and it will be too late.”

Please, please read this if you are thinking about “just getting a friend to take the wedding photos”

This ombre chair d├ęcor is amazing – it would be a bit of work, but cost less to nothing…. I think it would even be cool to use on your every day kitchen table chairs

blue wedding dress

How amazing is this fairy make up tutorial… and Im with Ariel – would be amazing to see on a bride… maybe I will do this on a shoot sometime

how gorgeous is this bride’s back tattoo!!!

Lego ring box… so cute and Im thinking its probably super useful after the wedding for other things as well

the ultimate goth wedding…. Wow, Im speechless (Kimberly, this ones for you!)

Who knew custom printed board books existed… and for fairly cheap… thinking this would be one of the best gift for a kids birthday party ever!

Vegan banana ice cream…. It actually looks pretty good… and really easy

super cool cufflinks… because our grooms need some amazing accessories too!

super cool boutonnieres as well (wish this trend would hurry up and catch on in the US)

looks like pretty much my ultimate punk rock wedding fantasy to shoot

how amazing is this wonderland inspired restaurant… Id do my house like this if my husband didn’t think I was already crazy (and oh yeah, if we could afford it, that too)

Have kids that hate riding in the car for too long? Im thinking this is the perfect solution

Hello beautiful and amazing housewares (I want those robot plates!!!)

I love a good bridesmaid dress that can be worn after the wedding

these baby bow tie onesies are the cutest thing ever!

this ice cream sandwich cake may just be the ticket for an easy birthday celebration (scroll to the bottom)

or an oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie cake… yes, I did really just type that

color by number lampshade!!!

I know I normally don’t go for the whole vintage-pretty-too-put-together wedding motifs, but this one is just super pretty – I have a thing for the lemons and with the pink, it looks stunning… and Im a sucker for those hanging candles

cant decide between a church wedding and outdoor wedding… no need to pick – create your own church outside… awesome

first of all, I loved that the first pic on this post is from Gwen Stefani’s new Harper’s Bazaar shoot… second, I love the versatile bridesmaids dresses that follow

Ill be honest, Im not big on newborn photos… but these are just simple and gorgeous

this engagement shoot rocks my face off

cutest fridge ever?!

which Disney princess is your wedding (no surprise I got mulan)

CMYK wedding… its so easy to get this wrong, but these guys did it right!

this dip-dyed orange dress is to die for!

the Sarah Seven 2013 Bridal collection is right up my alley

Amazing kids table… I think this would be cool done for an adults table too

a nerdy, science wedding at a museum… Im in love (yall knew I was a science geek, right?)

So, so much good this week... wow.... and this week is busy... how is your going? Are yall as excited as I am about the fall weather/season that is upcoming?!!! I am so super excited about it and that is for one main reason.... halloween! Oh yall.... I cant even tell you how much I love it - the candy, the pumpkins, but most of all, the dressing up. Ive been raving to Daniel about halloween for about 2 months now already.... awesome!

Only more day until Friday.... :)

Email me anytime at talleyimages@yahoo.com

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sneak Peek - Columbus Ms Photographer

Look see I can do "normal" pics too - and do them really well too, I might add... ha ha, of course, it doesnt hurt when I get to work with a gorgeous, gorgeous couple who let me have total creative freedom (thanks Katelyn and Wayne!).... :) So here is a sneak peek - look for a whole post coming soon, and go ahead and be prepared, its going to be amazing!the most amazing light!Yeah.... its going to rock... :) (Tons of other fun stuff upcoming as well! Stay tuned!)

I just heard VicTORIous got canceled... super sad.... :(

Also, I gotta be honest - its tickling me to death to see my new profile pic when I leave comments on other people's blogs - makes me look like a total goth chick (which I love), but its very opposite to all the pretty people pics that everyone else has.... totally makes me smile.

Hope you are having the best Wednesday ever!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust - Columbus Ms Photographer

So weve come down to the final shot and its lust and its probably the most graphic of all of them (except maybe anger?)... this is undoubtedly one of everyone's favorites.... and a secret: it was probably done the quickest - in like 10 minutes or so - I knew the exact shot I wanted, so I set it up, we snapped it and walked out.... rarely does that happen, but when it does, its magic. A huge thanks to Kimberly and Tim who completely rocked this shoot out like no one's business. I owe them so much.

Im thinking next week Ill do a post with all the sins together just so you can see how they looked... they are still for sale as well!

So if youve noticed my profile pic and my facebook page, you may be noticing some changes... and thats b/c Im rebranding... which originally included a price change, but I think since its already so late in the year, Im going to wait on the price change and start that in 2013... so take advantage - email me and lets get you set up for some pictures! Fall is booking up super, super fast (and really, you want to get Christmas card shots done in the fall so you have time to order the cards in time to send out)....

I still have tons of new stuff to show off... :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Marie Antoinette Bridals - Columbus MS Photographer

As promised, here are the pictures from the Marie Antoinette inspired shoot... this was a styled shoot that I had been so exciting to do ever since I got the idea in my head. Ive been wanting to shoot bridals with a black dress forever... and then the Marie Antoinette quote "Let them eat cake" took over. So yes - black ball gown, red cake with blood, and the eating utensils were all old, rusty tools... and dont forget we had to give our "bride" some great, gruesome stitches across the neck as well (Marie Antoinette had a date with a guillotine)... loved the concept... and love that Ashlyn, my model, was willing to go for it - purple hair, facial piercings, tattoos and all - love her! Hope you enjoy!I definitely want to work with more offbeat couples and families... and especially weddings... so if you have an idea, Id love to hear it.... probably would even offer you a great discount, but who knows... :) Email me!

Anyone want to tell Kat of my amazingness... the more the better as far as Im concerned... :)

Definitely been super busy lately, so I cant wait to show you all the awesome-sauce thats coming up, and definitely come back for the last pic in the sin series tomorrow!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Sorry that I didnt get to post yesterday and am late today - this week has been BUSY! Today is a lovely picture of my husband - its actually his headshot and if you come to see The Rose Tattoo in September then you will see this shot in the brochure.... isnt he handsome? He actually tried out for one of the smaller roles and was given the lead male actor role - so yeah, he rocks!

Looking forward to the weekend.... email me anytime at talleyimages@yahoo.com - hope you have a great weekend too!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sneak Peek - Columbus Ms Photographer

Doesnt this make you want to know what the rest of the shoot was like.... Ill give a hint: it was a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot... and it was awesome!

Cant wait to show you the rest.... soon!

Hope you are having a great Wednesay! (and yes, apparently Im still on the exclamation mark kick!)