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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winner, Winner... Chicken Dinner

Ill be honest... Ive never really liked that phrase - not sure what it is, I just dont like how it feels coming off my tongue... and yes, I admit it. I am weird. Today is Thursday... and good things happen on Thursday! Today was the earring drawing - woo hoo! I had some help from Gabe....
You can click on it to view it larger if you cant see it....

Congrats to Joe Marsh for winning.... awesome!

Only 17 more likes on the fan page and I will be giving something else fun away... I cant wait! I love to give stuff away... more pictures are coming up soon! Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com if you have any questions at all... I would absolutely love to hear from you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Kain Family - Columbus MS Photographer

This family is just adorable... you gotta be when you have two girls, right? We went out to the lake one Saturday morning and it was just perfect... the sun was shining and the temperature was just wonderful. We had such a good time... :) *dont forget, only 20 comments get this family a sweet surprise Those eyelashes... oh my!

Love the light and the green, green grass on this one.
Absolutely so in love with the symmetry of this one...

Click on any of the pics to view them larger.

Kain family... you know I always love seeing yall and hanging out with your beautiful girls... love it!

Talk about the nice weather bringing the people out.... I am pretty much booked solid until June - wow, I feel so grateful and humble to everyone that I get to work with. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to do what I love - with some of the most gorgeous people in Columbus. So.... I am now starting to book for June - I have a feeling its going to go pretty quick - especially weekends.

Have questions..... email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com so I can help you out!

Love to all my readers....

And dont forget to post on the fan page.... the earrings up for grabs! Go, go, go!

And dont forget, only 20 comments gets this family a sweet suprise!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

One of the things I love is winning... and not the Charlie Sheen kind... :)

But I do love to win... if I play at something, then I am super competitive and probably not fun to play with... seriously, dont play Trivial Pursuit with Daniel and I (what? was that a challenge I heard? bring it on!).... If I actually do something (you know, when Im not being lazy), then I go for it - all the way!

And because I love all of yall! And yall made one of my big dreams come true.... I got 100 likes on my facebook page - woot woot - doing the happy dance! Im giving away this gorgeous set of earrings that I promised.... they are so, so cute and if I could wear anything but studs in my own ears, then I would probably keep them for myself.... but I know how cute they would look on someone who could actually wear them as opposed to my dresser table... ha ha.

I have no idea what they are made of, so dont bother asking, but they are these mosaic-y, opalescent looking things... lots of purples and greens.... really fun, but could look nice with something more serious as well.... dont you love when jewelry is mult-functional...

Anyway... so here is the deal... there is a post on my facebook fan page about the earrings - go leave a comment on that... and then for an extra entry, come back here and post on this post as well.... you have to comment on the fan page first though.... Ill come back and draw a winner next Thursday.
And guys, I know you are thinking this prize doesnt apply to you... but seriously, a great gift for your sweetie that you dont have to shop for, pick out or pay for? Who are you kidding?
And Ive decided that for every 25 new likes that I get on my fan page, Im going to give away another prize... and Im already at 106 now... so only 19 more to go.... and I promise, its going to be different every time so you never know what I might throw at you... :)
Yall are awesome... truly!
Something else that I love on this Thursday is cake.... mmmmmm.... yummmmm! I also love to cook... and every once in awhile, I experiment. Now, Ill be honest - most of my experiments are super-failures. Dont get me wrong, Im good at cooking things I know how to cook, but every once in awhile, I will get it in my head that I need to try something new...
Which I did tonight....
And it actually turned out not too bad.
I mixed up a cake mix (yellow, if you were curious) and then I poured it in a hot skillet and made pancakes.... :) They were actually pretty good... not nearly as sweet as I thought they were going to be - they were really good... and yes, this is what we ate for dinner, Im such a bad mom... even worse though - if I would have had time, I would have melted some icing and drizzled it over the top.... oh my my... can you even imagine!
I will tell you though... each pancake is like eating a cupcake, so you can only eat a few and you are full! And Im not even going to go into how much sugar is in these things... but again - they were good... woo hoo - experiment success!
My most popular size - the 16x24 - is now being offered for $175.... thats $100 off the regular price! If you are more of a square-lover, then Im marking the 20x20 down to $175 as well!
But even bigger than that... you can get a 20x30 for only $350.... that is $200 off the regular price! Thats huge! And because this is such a deal, I am only offering 3 of these up for grabs.
- these canvases are for anyone who has had their pictures made by me within the last 2 years.... OR - and this is really cool - if you have a session booked (or book one) before August 1st, then you can also reserve a canvas at this price.... awesome! This includes weddings!
This is only for one week..... offer ends next Friday! So email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com to get your deal on... its first come, first serve on the 20x30's!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Lover: March edition

So Ive read quite a few books since we last talked about it... although Ive kind of slowed down on my reading and just been taking it easy... it is what it is - thats what I say... :)

So here is what Ive been reading this past month:

Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwartz.... This book is a very interesting story about 2 sisters and a daughter. The characters are super well-developed and it definitely holds your attention as the chapters are constantly switching between narratives. The story is really good... but overall the ending is a let down. Personally, I could figure out the ending midway through the book, and the details I created to fill in the gaps were much more interesting than the ending actually turned out to be.... overall, not a bad read, and I would probably recommend it, but not the best book Ive ever read.

Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen.... The story of a woman who leaves her abusive husband - a NY cop... she takes her son and tries to disappear... its the story of their first year gone. Although this is about an abused woman, its not graphic at all. You find yourself cheering the main character on and trying yourself not to breathe too loud so you dont alert the husband to your presence lest he turn on you. Its about new beginnings and starting over and how small mistakes can change your whole life... a good read, although the ending is sad (dont read it first, get ensconsed in the story and let it take you where it will)

Assaulted by Joy: The Redemption of a Cynic by Stephen W. Simpson.... I am a cynic - truly and freely admitted.... I question everything.... everything! And it drives the people around me crazy! I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I related so much to Stephen's story and how God brought him through alot of hardship but he realized the joy of the journey... if you are a cynic, or have been in church a long time, or even been on a church staff at one point in your life, then you will probably enjoy this first hand account of how things can and will go wrong - and maybe its not the worst thing in the world... :)

Ok, thats it for my adult reading books.... like I said... very slow.... right now, Im reading The Hole in the Gospel by Richard Stearns and trying to digest it slowly so I can get it into my system....

And on to the better part... the kids books... yall, I love kids books... let me retype that... I LOVE kids books. I spend at least an hour at the library every week crawling through the kids book section. Alot of books out there are just garbage, Ill be honest - waste of paper and ink... but oftentimes, I find some really sweet gems hidden in there too... (so if you are in Columbus, pretty much all these recommendations can be checked out for free at the library)

Ok, if you dont already know... Mo Willems is a favorite... absolutely in love with everything he writes.... the Pigeon books are my favorite - the library only has 3 of the 4 Pigeon books, but we check out at least one every week.... yeah, that good...

Jumpy Jack and Googily by Meg Rosoff and Sophie Blackall.... its about best friends who just happen to be a snail (Jumpy Jack) and a monster (Googily).... Jumpy Jack is scared of everything, so Googily offers to help him make sure there is nothing to be afraid of.... this is a great book for adults as well b/c small children probably arent going to get the subtle humor that follows throughout this book... definitely a good read! (and not scary at all)

Red Red Red by Valeri Gorbachev... Turtle is in a hurry to go see something red, but he doesnt have time to tell what it is.... different animals follow him to see to as they all try to guess what they are on their way to see. This is really good to get kids guessing in how the story is going to progress - gets them to be creative and think abstractly.

Bootsie Barker Bites by Barbara Bottner.... we all had to play with that one kid that everyone hated - the one that didnt know how to share and was mean, but when the adults were around, they were a complete angel... remember that kid? Well, the little girl in this story has to play with that kid - Bootsie Barker... will she figure out a way to get out of the sleepover that her mother has arranged? Read it and find out...

Ok... thats all Ive got for now.... any recommendations from yall?

But.... new pictures are upcoming... I have 4 new sessions sitting on my laptop waiting on me to finish... and every single one of them is fun! I cant wait to show them off....

In the meantime.... have you liked my fan page yet? Once I get to 100 likes, Im going to be giving away a really cute set of earrings! Can you help a girl out?

Have questions? Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - Id love to chat awhile... :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Two things that are high on my list of things that I love are babies and family.... so imagine my delight when I get called to do my new baby cousin's 6 month pictures... yay me! And babies are tricky to photograph because you really never know what kind of mood they are going to be in... so color me happy when I get there and John Cole is one of THE happiest babies... ever. Seriously... his whole session was about 15 minutes and we got tons and tons of shots - I wish I could share them all with you... but instead, Im going to show you a few of my favorites.

(click on any of the pics to view them larger)
Arent those eyes incredible? And dont you just want to pinch those cheeks? And not once, have I ever seen him get upset or be anything but happy... sweet baby... and he's family!
I'd love to hear a few of your favorite things as well... :)
Have questions? Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - hope yall have a great rest of the week.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cherries and the Pits - Columbus MS Photographer

I love Saturdays with nothing to do... mostly because they are so rare... I know that if I had them often enough, I would get bored and feel miserable. I dont even remember the last Saturday that I didnt have at least part of the day scheduled... but 2 days ago - I got to feel the joy of sleeping in. AHHHHHH - from Friday night to Saturday morning, I was in the bed for 12 glorious hours.... I cant even put into words how amazing that was. I didnt realize how much my body was craving rest. Now I think I should go to bed earlier... but it probably wont happen.

Another thing happened this weekend that I am dying to talk about, but I cant just yet... its so big! I can tell you that it is the start of a series... and its going to take hours of editing to get it to the place where I want it.... oh my my.... I wish I could share.... but since its only the first in line, Ill have to wait... but it takes my breath away.... hopefully it will do the same for you.

Oh, I want to say hello to anyone who got here from Gala's site... you totally made my day!

So now on to the new installation of the cherries and the pits... things I like and dont... we will see how long I can actually keep this up - ha ha!

The Cherries
- getting to sleep in when you havent in a very long time... and waking up feeling better than you have in forever
- Walmart brand 90 calorie chocolate chunk granola bars.... yummm!
- starting a new project and wondering where its going to take you
- a husband who puts up with my crazy ideas
- anyone brave enough to leave a comment

The Pits
- realizing you dont have another free Saturday for awhile
- taking your daughter to get 3 shots... poor girl was awful brave though!
- a post with no comments... seriously sucks.
Ive got a new pair of gorgeous earrings to give away.... as soon as I get 100 fans on my facebook page.... c'mon... help me live my dream.... :)
Ha - I love yall! Gorgeous baby session is upcoming!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Congratulations to Jessica Burns Long... she was the winner of the facebook contest and has won a free session with a cd... woo hoo!

Im thinking of doing more contests, more often... what do you think?

Also, I still have some mini-session slots open on March 19 and 20th..... besides that I am almost completely booked up through May..... and then it starts getting hot. These are perfect for families, especially with small children who wont last for a whole session.... a great gift for seniors as well.... or engagement pictures....

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and I will get you hooked up... :)

Here is a really old pic, but it reminds me of spring...
I would love to hear from you.... :)

Friday, March 4, 2011


I just fixed the comments so hopefully its easier for yall.... please let me know if it isnt. Im sorry its been such an inconvenience.

I will be out of the office all weekend... spending time with my family... so if I dont get back to you until Sunday or Monday, then you know why.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Bland Family - Columbus MS Photographer

Once again, if this post gets at least 20 comments, then this family will get a sweet, little surprise... :)

I was so excited to work with this family... they just adopted as well, so it was nice to meet another family who was walking that path. We got a great day for pictures as well. It was cloudy but warm. They brought their dogs and we just kind of ambled along, letting the kids roam. I think we got some good shots.

Check out this little one's eyes... so pretty.
Such a sweet family.

Oh my... couldnt you eat her up?!!!
So sweet...

I love the mystery of these two... so gorgeous

Love these... you can totally see her personality.

I just love this one!
Bland family... yall are awesome... I hope I get to work with yall again!
What do yall think of the new logo watermark?
The facebook contest is still going on... next Monday is the last day.... so far there are only 18 games so its pretty much anyone's game... get to it.... and even if you cant use it, give it to someone else as a gift.
Also, I still have a few mini-session spots... Ill be honest, I am almost booked up through May.... so if you were thinking about booking a session before it gets too hot, then you may want to think about the mini-sessions... email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com to get your spot booked!
Like I said... only 20 comments get this family a really sweet surprise... :)