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Monday, April 25, 2011

Caitlyn - Columbus MS Senior Photographer

Only 20 comments gets this sweet girl a nice suprise. (anonymous comments only count if they have a name and email address with them - thanks!)

Meet Caitlyn... I did - and her mom too... and it was such a sweet experience. They were just absolutely a joy to work with - which, as Im sure some of you know, isnt always the case with teenagers (even though, Ill readily admit, they are one of my favorite groups of people! It doesnt hurt that Caitlyn is gorgeous, right?

How gorgeus are her eyes?!!

Oh my goodness... this pic is just fierce - thats all I can say!

I think the green grass just makes this picture.

I just got done reading Water for Elephants - this picture makes me think of that book every time... the old school glamour of a girl in a beautiful dress on a train... perfect.


(click on the pics to view them larger)

Caitlyn.... you are amazing and beautiful and I hope you know that. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with yall. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did creating them!

So has this weather been crazy or what?! It rains and then its sunny and then it rains again.... but the temperatures have been running about as close to perfect as you can get, so Im enjoying it as much as I can.... it also means that May is looking busy! And I am so, so excited... man, I have some of the most amazing clients - seriously, they are amazing.

Have a question? Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and I will give you the hook up - or at least I will try... :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Week

A little departure from y normal pictures... I did these a couple years ago and I still love them. Some of my favorite pictures and I cant even imagine anything I would change about them - they symbolize Easter how I see it - completely graphic and extreme in so many ways...

Ash Wednesday... where it all starts...

Today is Maunday Thursday... or the day that Christ took communion (or the Last Supper) with his disciples.

Where He was betrayed.... And then He was crucified.... for me... for you... for all of us

One thing I love about the Methodist church is the tradition of the colors... if you'll notice, a lot of Methodist churches have wooden crosses outside... when Ash Wednesday comes, a purple cloth is placed on the cross... until Good Friday, and a black one replaces it.

- I love how on the processing of this picture, some of the marks in the wood came out to be red

Blood flowed....
And then there was silence.... it was over.
Jesus was dead.

Alot of people probably wont get these bright, vivid pictures.... but if youve ever lost anyone close than you no how unfair it feels for life to go on - for everyone around you to be ok, to be happy even - when you are grieving, when your world has been shattered....

The black cloth stays on... while we wait.
Until it is replaced by the white.... and the cross no longer holds the sting it did the night before.

And this is what we teach our children... just wish it wasnt always so sugarcoated.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Melissa & Tyler - Columbus MS Photographer

Dont forget... only 20 comments gets this couple a great surprise... you could totally make the difference for them! (note: all anonymous comments need to have a name and email address included with the comment for it to count)

Melissa and Tyler are what make my job unbelievable. Can you believe that they are just as nice as they are pretty. And they really, really love each other... do you know how amazing it is to be around people that truly love each other - bliss, just bliss. Ok, and how cute is their little dog too?!!!
See, I told you.... look at these two - gorgeous... you should click on this pic to see Melissa's eyes.
Tyler is a firefighter... they asked me what I thought about having him dress out for a few pics... I told them to bring it on... and then it turned out to be around 80 that day... Tyler was such a good sport though...

I wanted to steal Melissa's ring when she showed it to me... the black stone is killing me, and the tiny heart... oh my goodness
Playing around with the editing... I think I like it.

Melissa and Tyler... yall are amazing... and that is all I have to say about that... :) (ha ha, so much love to both of you)

Wow... I dont know about the rest of you, but spring is packed to the gills with life at our house.... tball games, graduation, art shows... Im hoping summer offers a little bit of a slow down so we can breathe it all in.

Do you have questions? Want to get your shoot on the books before all the good dates are gone? Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - i would love to help you out.

Hope yall are having an amazing week....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Riley - Columbus MS Photographer

As always... only 20 comments get this family a sweet prize... think you could help them out?

Yay for Easter pics... this is Riley. I love taking his pictures because he is always so serious... he makes me really work for his smiles - but oh, they are so worth it. He had us all in stitches by the end of this session, and because the weather was unseasonably warm, it was just plain old fun hanging out with his family (never mind that they are super sweet all on their own!) And check out the outfit - love it... all the way down to the mini bow-tie!

Look at that gorgeous face!

Easily, one of my all time favorite children's pictures. Sweet daddy moment.

Hill family, you know I couldnt love you more.... you have been nothing but gracious to me. I always feel so indebted just to soak up a little bit of your family. Thank you for everything!

This week has been long and trying... glad that the weekend is almost here!

One good thing about this week is all the lovely people Ive gotten to chat with at Coopers Closet. It has been so much fun to hear so many stories from yall... I just love the people who stop to say something - yall totally make my day! If you havent been to Coopers Closet, you probably want to get yourself up there - today is 25% off day and tomorrow is 50% off day... its located at the old Lia Fashions building - next to Hallmark (kind of close to Chilis).... Ive got free chapstick and a sweet deal up at my booth all day... go getcha some... :)

If anyone has any questions at all... please dont hesitate - email totally makes my day! You can find me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - or click on the fan page button at the top right of the page for new announcements and such.

For anyone who is curious... the kids and my sister are healing up nicely... still a ways to go, but we are making it... looking forward to a good weekend ahead!

Weekends are filling up fast... I am now booking for June... dont wait... love to your mother... :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We are all ok

Some of you already know, but alot of you probably dont.

Sunday afternoon, Gabe and Emma and my sister were in an ATV wreck. They were in a Ranger (like a golf cart type thing) and ran into a tree at a high rate of speed. Thankfully, Gabe only had a few scrapes. Emma's lip was completely busted and it knocked out 2 of her teeth, she also had a large bruise on her arm. My sister took the worst of it and had to have about 20 stitches to the face. We spent about 4 hours in the ER... mostly due to someone else coming in with a gunshot wound. . Thankfully, they gave Emma some pain meds while we were waiting. She looked pitiful and it hurt my heart to look at her face. It honestly looked like someone had cut a big chunk out of her lip, but the dr said it was just split and none of it was gone... it was so deep though. She was pitiful until the pain meds kicked in... and then we got our Emma back. She was talking and talking and talking and talking.... she had to be reminded not to talk while they were sewing her lip back up.... which took 5-6 stitches. That is one tough girl too... she didnt even flinch when the dr was sewing her back up. The nurses were so impressed.

And goodness gracious, am I thankful for my grandmother. She watched Wallace out in the waiting room - by herself, for most of the time. So Daniel and I could be back with Gabe and Emma.

We all were in bed by 10.... exhausted. But by morning, Gabe was alright. Emma's lip was still a bit swollen, but it looked better and her arm hadnt bruised any more. My sister is resting today at my grandparents house... like I said, she got the worst of it and has started bruising today and become really sore. This breaks my heart for her. She has had it hard for most of her life and she is the best aunt to my kids.... I know we havent always gotten along, but I do love her very much. I dont know how, but I keep praying that God blesses her through all of this - for whatever reason, that this somehow, brings something good. I want the best for her and wish that she didnt have to go through this.

I know everyone is curious... no, Daniel and I were not there when it happened... The kids were spending the afternoon with my family.... Daniel and Wallace were out taking a walk and had just gotten home when they got the call, and I was out on a photo shoot. I got there as fast as I could, but it still felt like forever, and I thought my heart was going to burst when I saw them covered in blood and crying. That is what a good husband and daddy is there for.

So yeah.... that kind of eclipsed the rest of the weekend we had. Not sure how much more I can take though... the last 2 weeks have been pretty rough...

- The transmission on the van going out (after Daniels car has broken down)

- Wallace's kidney trouble

- My grandfather went in for an irregular heartbeat and heart cath

- The wreck this weekend...

I tell you what though.... if nothing else, man, all these trials... they certainly do bring about patience and thankfulness. I could not be more thankful that the wreck yesterday was only as bad as it was.... it could have been alot worse.... alot worse. So all I can do is fall to my knees and give thanks that "it is what it is"

thanks everyone for thinking of us.... and sorry, no pics... right now, I just dont want to relive it every time I look at my page... maybe when they are healed up a bit.