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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Link Love: Wedding Wednesday - Columbus MS Photographer

Since its been forever since Ive done a link love post, I decided it would be better to do it in two posts: wedding and then other stuff... so today is all the wedding links... and since its been forever, you know its going to be good, right?  And tomorrow.... yeah, its going to be amaze-balls!

A museum wedding… the details and colors are perfect

gay museum wedding…. This will probably offend some people, but I don’t care, it was a gorgeous wedding with too many fun details

gorgeous rustic wedding ideas… and if anyone is wanting a place like this, then I might know where it is

a wedding with a lot of camera details, and a black and red reception…. Yeah, its just about perfection

a gray and purple wedding…. *squealing!!!*

the light at this wedding is what all photographers dream about

an Indian wedding… Ive always wanted to shoot one and this one looks super fun (and check out that cake!)

a red and black wedding with an industrial goth vibe… ok, Kimberly, I think this is closer to what you were hoping for

super colorful cinco de mayo wedding… Im in love!

DIY maypole cake topper… sweet

supermarket engagement shoot…. Now this is the kind of shoot I would just about die for

scroll down and check out the amazing black wedding dresses… oh, and the paper dress too!

gorgeous nature inspired engagement session

So in love with this beach wedding… and No Doubt is one of the reception table names – Im sold!

Most amazing reception dress of all time?!!!

love all the color in this garden inspired styled shoot…. But besides that, those flower wings are amazing

rainbow wedding… now this is the way to do color!

super goth wedding (loving the grooms coat! And all the steampunk outfits as well)

these wedding hair pieces are so, so pretty… and can anyone find me a pair of those wings?!

one of the best wedding presents Ive ever seen!

this wedding is the perfect mix of fun and beautiful (and there may be some Hello Kitty glasses involved)

a gay fairy wedding… once again, sorry if you are offended, but its too pretty not to share

pink hair, pink dress and gory, corseted cake… Im thinking you cant go wrong here

classicly beautiful wedding… and as a bonus, scroll down to check out the reception hall’s ceiling

13 things I wish I had known on my wedding day (and check out the pic of that dress!)

Ok, hope yall enjoyed.... definitely look forward to tomorrow!  Email me anytime at talleyimages@yahoo.com

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Kimberly said...

I love the red & black wedding and love checking out all the links each week.