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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Link Love - Columbus Ms Photographer

(Jalaine & Zach, September 2010)

Yes!  Its another link love day and its all the non-wedding stuff that I couldnt fit in yesterday... yall, there is some cool stuff here - Ive been saving it up... hope you enjoy!

Very cool driveway idea

I love clever design… and this is clever design

coolest home Ive seen in a long time… and if I had the money Id go ahead and move today

design your own earrings…. Cant even tell you how much I love this idea… get ready to waste a lot of time

Pepperoni Pizza burgers…. Must make these!!!


Valentino’s costumes for the NY Ballet are exquisite


I am now on the hunt for the perfect cake/dessert stand

super cute tights… and not just for weddings

DIY comic book shoes = awesome!

decorate your home without permanent damage… loving the blue pegboard

the secret library… Im thinking we should all start something like this where we live!

this hotel/shopping center is blowing my mind

Taco Bell quesadillas – at home… with no dirty dishes…. Awesome!

seriously dying over the natural curiosity jars and plates… this is exactly how I want to decorate my house

planet lollipops… wow!

my new favorite artist… definitely about to own one of his prints!

$9 cardboard bicycle… how cool is this?

a freaking cloud made out of lightbulbs!!!

hello amazing swing table… I love you

this could be the most amazing hotel ever  (if nothing else, scroll down to the last pictures and prepare to be blown away)

Turn your fireplace into something special

how it feels once you’ve adopted

Dandelion wall art… that lights up!... that you can make!

be careful about posting negative things on the internet… it can come back to haunt you

I have no idea why this was never thought up before… it’s a brilliant way to store your snacks

I made these bbq cups the other night for the second time… and for the second time, they were gone quickly… we did tweek it a bit – we cooked the meat like we were making sloppy joes, and we found that crescent rolls work better than biscuits… either way though is super yummy and easy!

interesting stuff about cosmetics

thinking of ordering this for my English teacher husband…. b/c he is pretty hot anyway

30 free downloads from Half the Sky (I watched the documentary the other night and it was so hard, but so good)

Top 10 Annoying Things People Say to Adoptive Parents… some of these are really good

chessboard necklace organizer… another lightbulb moment

DIY some romantic lighting

this hotel is blowing my socks off

colored pigeons…. Wow, wow, wow…. Yall all know Im in love with Mo Willems’ pigeon books, right?  Well, this kind of takes that to a new level. (I cant even imagine how amazing these must be to see in person)

Use Skittles to flavor and color your drinks… yeah!

wheelchair scuba diving is so beautiful

Bill Murray paper doll!

DIY custom pet pillows…. These would make such a fun gift

love the art asthetic of these hermes’ clothes

shadow art… Im speechless

Lord of the Rings nails… made easy… ok easier… J

Whew... thats alot of links... :)   Hope yall are having a good week so far and are looking forward to tomorrow being Friday.  I have a huge, epic wedding this weekend so Im nervous and excited and just looking forward to it all - so yeah, you can look forward to those pics sometime in the future... :)

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Kimberly said...

Love that driveway, wish I could do something like that and loved the cute different tights, wonder if they sale them around here anywhere? And the wine glass lights, Tim's cousin made those for their wedding and they were super cute. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lord of the Rings nails, almost thought about having Tim's wedding ring engraved with the same thing inside.

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

thats so cool, Kimberly!