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Monday, March 24, 2008

Allie and Ellie

This was one of the most fun families Ive had so far.... the parents were so cool with whatever, and the kids were just too sweet.... Both girls are so different - Allie definitely embodies that red hair of hers - fiesty and smart, and little Ellie is the baby - adorable and curious....

At the beginning, Allie decided that she didnt want her picture taken... at all.... her mom was worried about it, but I assured her that we would get something good out of her.... :)

how the day started off....

I got a few when she wasnt looking though

the weather was beautiful that day, so they let the kids go barefoot.... I love it!

Allie was pretty happy when they let her stick her feet in a small creek bed

this next set is just gorgeous.... I would absolutely hang these in a 4 panel black frame

arent they a pretty family?!

the mom is just gorgeous....

I love these - how all the colors bounce off the inside

Friday, March 14, 2008

Senior Saints Banquet

With the weather warming up, business is heating up as well.... so I stay hopping, but I LOVE it - its so much fun to be able to capture a moment in time for someone - just to be a part of that is just amazing..... ok, enough gushing, on to the pictures.... :)

I recently took pictures at a Senior Saints Banquet for a local church.... they have all their "Senior Saints" out for a luncheon to show how much they appreciate them.... they do this twice a year... if only everyone appreciated the wiser in their life so well....

everyone said hey and gave a good hug around the neck

the girls got prepared for the singing about to take place

this lady has been at that church ~85 years, I think.... and she is the sweetest, and I just think she is one of the prettiest "mature" ladies Ive met

I love that I caught some gossip being shared in this one (dont you love all the colors!)

one of the couples helping serve are still newlyweds

the preacher and his wife

another sweetheart of a lady

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Runner Up aint so bad...

Yay, one of my images made the runner-up list at one of my favorite blogs (http://mamarazzischool.blogspot.com/).... So I feel very honored..... :)