Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy it. I'd also invite you to visit my website at http://www.addietalley.com as well. That should help to answer most questions and you can check out some more of my work. I would love to hear from you whether that be through comments or email!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Winter Queen - Columbus MS Photographer

After my interview in The Real Story, where a few of my pictures were published, a few of you asked to see more from the The Winter Queen shoot... so I am all too happy to oblige... hope you enjoy!A huge thanks to my model, Katina.... she was brave enough to get into that water and she did a great job with the shoot! These were taken in a cypress bog that had been filled with rainwater... it was waist-deep and dirty which meant you couldnt see what you were stepping on or in. I am so lucky to work with such amazing people!

I love doing these kind of fantasy shoots... and Ive heard that others enjoy seeing them... so I thought I would offer these to the public. I have tons of dresses/costumes on hand, if you are interested. These are totally fun shoots and they dont have to be as extreme as getting into the water. But I think most women have some kind of fantasy, so here is your chance to fulfill it.

I especially want to pitch these to moms of pre-teen and teenage daughters out there. You remember that phase of not feeling pretty, feeling awkward and just out of place. Here is a chance to give a gift of acceptance to your daughter (or sister, neice, granddaughter). Help her to realize that its her thats beautiful - everything about her is what makes her unique - lets celebrate it! It really is a fun experience, especially for someone who doesnt feel all that confident in themselves. The total package will come with the fun of playing dress up and finding the perfect dress, I can also do their make up as well (sorry, Im not good with hair though!), then we will discuss what she wants, find the perfect location, and then just go out and have some fun. Ive done this with several girls and they all come out on the other side and say they had so much fun and they really did feel beautiful. I want all girls to feel beautiful - no matter what their size, shape, or "imperfections" are. They deserve to be celebrated - Id love to be a part of making that happen... :) (I think its always good for a girl/woman to have a few beautiful pictures of herself to pull out on those "bad" days to remember what she really does look like!)

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets figure out how to create something beautiful. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tball - Rays - Columbus MS Photographer

This is Austin, I recently did his Tball pictures - such a great looking team! I think navy is such a great looking jersey color... and these kids were professionals when it came to the pictures - it took no wrangling and no time at all... :)Hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend - a HUGE thank you to all of our service people present and past - yall are amazing!

This is going to be a bit of a slow week on the blog since yesterday I was out spending with the family and I will be out tomorrow for some other stuff... Ill be back on Thursday and Friday as always though... took some fun new pics over the weekend and I cant wait to show you a sneak peek!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Just a quick shot I grabbed at the beach in 2008... sweet!

Hope yall all have an amazing weekend... there is so much to be thankful for, especially for all the soldiers who have sacrificed so much - thank you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just in Case...

Just in case anyone is interested.... also if you see Daniel, wish him good luck - he will be auditioning on Sunday and I just know he is going to do awesome!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

So here are a few things Ive been buzzing on lately... hope you are enjoying these lists as much as I do... and go ahead, click a few... :)

This art piece is absolutely amazing… Im in awe

Cant remember if Ive already featured this geode street art project, but its just so cool

Thoughts on these mermaid pics? Anyone feel like a photoshoot?

Visit Mars… in New York! I want to go!

Custom Wedding gowns = G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.

Giving Tree Wedding Invitations… oh my goodness, are these beautiful!

Absolutely in love with this idea (and first picture) of turning bookcases into art

I am one of those people, even if I have 20 bags of groceries, my phone, keys and a bottle of water… dang it, Im going to get it all in one trip… I think this could help with that

LOVE this “day after” wedding shoot… anyone up for one?

Ok, you know I love colored wedding dresses, but I know they arent for everyone, but how about a colored pettiskirt underneath instead for a little color… here’s one in red and one in green… CUTE!!!

Or just do the bottom half of your dress in color (reminds me of Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress!)

I love so many details from this styled shoot… and oh the cakes!

LOVING these bridesmaids dresses… super wearable after the wedding… urban outfitters usually carries tons of styles like this

The new Douglas Hannant Spring 2013 collection is so over the top!

One of my most favorite wedding bouquets Ive ever seen

ok, this one too

How cute is this Hello Kitty airplane!!!

Its not colored, but Im so, so in love with the new Reem Acra Spring 2013 bridal collection

Ok, so tell me - what are you loving this week?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Lawrence Family - Columbus MS Photographer

I know Ive said it a million times, but I LOVE my repeat clients - I think they come back because we form some sort of bond and I truly do love them. I love getting to watch their families grow and their children get older... and if Im being totally honest, I like to see how my photography has progressed as well - I get to grow with them... :)

And the Lawrence family is no exception to the rule (although we just did the kids this time instead of the whole family)... wow - these kids... if I could only put into words how wonderful, polite and amazing these two were... wow! (and when kids are this good, it leads to alot of pictures, so I hope yall are ready!)Not a typical kids picture, but I love, love, love it... definitely one of my favorites.Love these swing pictures... :)And these two are total athletes... so young and already so amazing... made me super nostalgic for my high school days (and high school body that didnt feel so old as well)Love this light... :)Found this little guy hanging out... we let him loose and then he found us again... :)Nathan totally rocks!These next two could be total art pieces... beautiful.And how cool is their mom, Linn?!!! Doesnt she look like Trinity from the Matrix... yeah, she is that cool!Thank you Lawrence family for letting me be the one to capture these memories - I had so much fun... especially with all the creepy crawly things - like a cool field trip, and I even had my camera along. I cant wait to watch your kids grow up and do amazing things and then say I knew them way back when... :)

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets get your session scheduled.

Also, a couple of people have asked about the Sin shoots... they are now all shot and edited... So excited! Now comes the fun part and deciding which ones to use for the art show... and yes, they are for an art show which means that no, sorry, they will not be showing on the blog or facebook until after the show. If you would like to come, the show is Saturday, July 7th from 5:30 - 7:30 at the Renee Reedy studio in Columbus (across from the Rosenweig, under Cafe on Main). Be aware that although all my prints are ok for children to see, I am not the only artist at the show, so use your best judgement about that.

But I am excited.... for real!

Hope yall are having a great week!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sneak Peek - Columbus Ms Photographer

Since I did personal pics yesterday, I thought I would do a quick sneak peek for the Lawrence family... goodness, these kids are the best! Seriously - amazing - its like I didnt even have to work on their shoot... love them (and their parents are pretty great too!)Ran into this guy as well... he wasnt as thrilled to have the camera up in his face... :)Hope everyone has an amazing weekend... cant wait to show the rest of this session... soon... :)

Email me anytime at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets create something amazing!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wallace graduates! - Columbus MS Photographer

A big thing happened today! Wallace graduated pre-K at Cook. In August, he will be in a real kindergarten class. We are so proud!A huge thank you to his teacher, Mrs Tapp. She has been one of Wallace's biggest advocates and she is amazing! We dont have words enough to say how much we love and appreciate her.I was such a proud mom this morning... all the kids did great! Congrats to the pre-K class of 2012!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Orioles - Coach Pitch - Columbus MS Photographer

I bet yall didnt know that I did sports pics as well? I dont do alot of them, but I usually end up doing at least my son and daughter's teams... although Ive picked up a few here and there since I started. I wasnt really sure I'd enjoy it, but I really do.

And the pictures turn out so good... love these ages!

The top picture is my son, Gabe - this is his first year playing coach pitch and he is really enjoying it... below is the team photo which features Gabe, my husband and 2 cousins.... love it!

If you are interested in having me do your team pics, let me know - its definitely not too late. I do one easy package for a good deal... and as a bonus, they are usually back in a week - I dont know anyone else who does that... so definitely email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com if you are interested.

I also do prom pics as well... I just did MSMS' prom and those were so much fun - I loved it and I hope I get to do some more next year!

I will be out of the office tomorrow - on a field trip with Emma - we are both so excited... :) Hope yall are having a great week!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

I used this image on a card for my mom, grandmother and aunt for the first Mothers Day that Emma was here... May 2007... thats her and Gabe's hands... so tiny.

Just wanted to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the women out there... even the ones who are hurting for your own reasons. Big hugs, Sunday can be a hard day... know that someone is thinking of you.


In other news... I finally got all 7 of the sin shoots shot. Now I have to work on editing - ALOT of editing, but Im happy to do it, to see my vision come to life.

A huge thank you to everyone involved, especially Robin, Carl, Tricia, Rachael, Amber, Kimberly and Tim... I owe you more than you realize and one day I hope to repay the debt. Thank you for helping me to realize my dreams. And thank you to everyone who has believed in me along the way.

Good things are happening.


I hope yall all have an amazing weekend... Id love to hear from you - in comments or email at talleyimages@yahoo.com

Much love!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

Man, I dont know what it is about today, but I am having the hardest time trying to stay awake... and I still have lots more to do today... all good, so Im excited... if only I could quit yawning... :)

Anyway... thought while we were waiting, I could show you some of the stuff Im buzzing on this week... :)

Science geek alert… who knew that apples could keep potatoes from sprouting or eggs don’t have to be refrigerated… love these devices

Love all the color in this wedding… and the bridesmaids carried purses (with a flower pin)!!! Instead of bouquets – love, love, love this idea!

Dream corset wedding gowns!

9 ways to help a special needs parent… so true

DIY tissue flowers… looks easy enough that even I wouldn’t screw this up

This is kind of gross, but its so, so clever…

Starbucks secret menu… did you know this existed? And has anyone ever ordered anything off it?

Loving this trash the dress session…. Glitter!!!!

Some really, really great ideas for wedding favors

I want one of these so, so bad…. So cool, but so dangerous

The nerd in me abounds… a chemistry inspired tea set? Let me at it… :)

Ok, thats all I got for now... a quick tip - if you liked the Hunger Games books, you need to read The Maze Runner by James Dashner... good stuff.

Love yall!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Market Street - Columbus Ms Photographer

I just found out this morning that I didnt win the Peoples Choice award at Market Street, which is ok... but I wanted to thank everyone who voted - that means the world to me!

Also, my art work will still be on display and for sale for the rest of this month at the Rosenweig, so if you didnt get to see it, you can still stop by. They are open Tuesday through Saturday 9-5.

This afternoon are 2 shoots that Ive been waiting weeks for... and now they are here... cant give too much away, but oh man, am I excited! I cant wait to show you the final results when it all comes together - its going to be so dynamic!

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Venable Family - Columbus MS Photographer

You probably remember this family from here - they are so, so sweet! Im so glad that I get to work with them and they trust me with their family memories.

Sometimes, the first frame is one of the best... :)Ummmm... can you believe how big this girl has gotten?!!!And isnt she gorgeous!Pretty much like her big brother... :)Pretty much like the whole family... :)Love sweet baby faces... :)Things are a little bit quieter now with sessions, which means I can fully focus on the ones that do have, and also continue working on my own creative projects. I love that the season goes from really busy to quiet to really busy to quiet. Right when I think Im feeling burnt out, I get a little break... and then right when I start getting bored, it heats up again. There's something so magical in that.

So whats up with the rain lately? Cant decide if it wants to come down in a deluge or just sprinkel or stay cloudy... make up your mind, silly rain... :)

A huge thanks to all who voted for my work at Market Street and all the people we ran into and got to speak to for a minute.... loved every second!

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com