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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Link Love Thursday - Columbus MS Photographer

from the Circus series I did last year

So its Thursday and we all know what that means, right?  Yep, its another link love post... not too much wedding related stuff this week so plenty of fun stuff for the rest of you... hope you enjoy!

Super cool (albeit expensive) cold drip coffee maker… even though I don’t trick coffee, this looks so science that I would still love to attempt using it

hey, I want to be made into a video game character… cool!

limited edition tshirts that they swap out often… cool!  You know that you will most likely be the only one who has yours and no one else can get one either

 spiral aisles are wedding genius… just be sure you have a venue that allows the photographer to photograph from the top

brilliant way to gather all the addresses you need… and just in time for Christmas

I want to live here

make up looks for guys… I die (boys in make up slay me! and that’s a good thing)

I will never, ever, ever get tired of weddings that bring the inside out

I adore these book cover prints… and even better they fight illiteracy

I want to do this photo shoot… who is up for it?

I think everything in this wedding post is amazing, but I am dying over that blue dress

Im still a bit circus-obsessed (see above pic), so this would be such the perfect gift for me (although I wouldn’t use it on laundry)

Itty Bitty Nutella cakes.. super easy but they look so expensive… a good way to impress your friends (and Im thinking perfect for a wedding or baby shower)

what a great way to do a first look… and how about that dress?!!!

gingerbread bats… Im all over this!

love letter napkins?!!! Make me swoon! (guys take note here - these are a great, romantic gift... perfect for your anniversary or wedding day!)

honestly, I don’t think I could give out my good camera, but a few small ones – I think this is such a great wedding idea

LOVE this organization.. and their jewelry is so pretty

Ok, I hope that satisfied you for the week... and yay - its Thursday, which means Friday is tomorrow!!! Awesome!

I so love you guys... :)

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