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Friday, December 28, 2007

Katie and Cody

Katie and Cody drove all the way from Maryland to have me take their pictures.... ok, so maybe they also have family down here that they wanted to spend Christmas with, but I was excited that we were going to do a session while they are down....

I know, I know, I did not do a good job of narrowing these down to show you, but it was just too hard to narrow it down any further than these.... the session went so great... they are alot of fun, and lets face it, its easy to have a great session when both people are gorgeous.... :)

Oh yeah! We have lots of fun during a session....

alot of people probably wont "get" this one, but I absolutely love it

Thursday, December 13, 2007

David Wesley

David Wesley is two and full of energy! It took a minute to warm up to me, but once he did, we had a great time. We went to three different locations, and by the time we were done, he was ready for a nap (I think the same goes for me and his parents as well).

Isnt he cute?

a chance to walk on the car (right before he got changed into another outfit) - what could be better for a 2 year old

His mom requested that we do a few Christmas shots so she could pick one to use for their Christmas cards

I did this shot with the Christmas card in mind - so they could "write" on the left hand side and it was totally different than any other Christmas card out there

I adore the vintage feel of these... makes me think of those sweet 50's postcards

Emma gets a new hat!

Emma wanted to show off her new bunny hat.... I could just eat her up!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Some days I just dont carry my big camera with me b/c Im just going to work and then back home. If I think of something to photograph, then I can just grab my camera at home and go shoot. As I was leaving for work one day before dawn, I noticed a slight hint of light and noticed that there seemed to be a bit more color than usual. I turned the car around and went back for my camera. I headed to a large hill that was close to work and snapped away. It was glorious! I was a few minutes late to work that day, but I think it was worth it.

Its like the sky was on fire!


Gabe is one smart 3 year old that is full of energy. He loves running around and talking non-stop. He was a blast to hang out with and he had so many different expressions.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Daniel and Addie

Yeah, sometimes, its all about me....

My husband, Daniel, is a bike rider and he has a tendency to go off the beaten path quite a bit. And he always comes back and tells me about these great spots he has found, so I started calling him my "location scout." We both had an afternoon free one day and it was super nice weather. So he took me to a central location and we just walked to alot of the spots he had found. (I used the timer, so they still count as my shots, right?)

When the weather gets warmer, I hope to get some more couples out to these spots b/c Daniel was right - they are gorgeous.

I risked life and limb - and my camera to get this shot.... we found this pair of little (and super steep) set of steps going down to the river, so we walked down to see where it went.... I put my camera on the rail (that had no siding) and got this pic - had I bumped the camera or rail, it was ~30 feet straight down into the river... never mind if I had slipped myself.... but this probably my all-time favorite picture of us ever - our faces, the light/shadows.... love it!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Downtown Columbus

As I am want to do, any free second I have when the weather is nice, I am outside taking pics.... usually I just walk around and snap whatever strikes my fancy and make mental notes on places that would make for good portraits....

These are from one fall afternoon in downtown Columbus. I just parked my car, got out with my camera and walked around.

I love how the yellow contrasts so pretty with everything else in this pic

while walking around, I encountered this beautiful Siamese cat with the most gorgeous blue eyes, lucky for me, it was friendly and liked having its picture taken.... this has got to be one of my all-time favorite shots b/c I know that I will probably never get anything like it ever again

Columbus is famous for its antebellum homes

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I went down to the local skate park and asked around if they would mind if I took their pics. They didnt and I think I got some good shots. Skaters are so misunderstood - theyre actually really talented and really nice.

they were moving some of the platforms around to make for better jumps

it had just rained, so must of the rails were still wet

Monday, December 3, 2007


This shoot was alot of fun. We just went to the local walking park and played. It didnt hurt that Emma is such a sweet baby and the fall leaves were splendid.

*Emma loves blowing raspberries, so I love this shot of her blowing one at her daddy


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