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Monday, April 30, 2012

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

(from the Dear/Platt wedding, April 2010)

So I thought on this wonderful Monday, Id share a few things that Ive been buzzing on lately... hope you enjoy!

I am seriously so in love with this timeline… its beautiful

Loving this veil with the “petals” on the edge – Ive never seen anything like it…. Oh, that ceremony set up? To die for… :)

So many good DIY projects on this one page…

Ombre nails? Cool!

This chicken ring (as in food, not jewelry) looks amazing – easy and perfect for guests!

Red velvet sugar cookies… made into ice cream sandwiches?!!!! I die.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photo mashups… brilliant!

Vera Wang did black wedding dresses last season… this season its red and I think Im even more in love… WOW!!!

Thinking about dyeing your wedding dress after the big day – here are some great tips (and can you even imagine how amazing a first year anniversary shoot would be if you did something like that?!!!)

Vintage celebrity wedding pics… Ill admit, that Grace Kelly shot made me literally swoon

Why should you get prints instead of the cd from your photographer? (everyone should read this!)

Could not be more in love with these bridesmaids dresses – totally wearable after the wedding – and that’s hard to accomplish!

Oscar de la Renta getting in on the colored wedding gown action… powder blue!

6 tips about dealing with the new blogger interface… I, personally, found it very helpful… hope you do too!

These are labeled as bridesmaids dresses… but really I cant see the long ones as anything as wedding dresses (love the ideas of short gold bridesmaid dresses too though!) – GOLD WEDDING DRESSES!!! Yes!!!!

Alright, thats all I got for now, but Ill be back this week some wonderful family shoots that I know you dont want to miss... :)

And a huge thanks to all the MSMS prom-goers that I met on Saturday.... so, so pretty!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

How sweet is this... taken November 2006... makes me remember all the good in life.

I hope thats how your weekend turns out... nothing but the good!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Austin - Columbus MS Photographer

This is another one of "my boys" - Ive watched this little man grow up - and grown up he has. Every time I see him, Im always amazed at how big he has gotten - which makes me look over at my own children and think "where does the time go?" - Werent they all just babies yesterday? Thanks for joining me on memory lane there for a minute... ok, now back to where we were... Austin... so handsomeI mean, look at this face!And how cute is his best friend, Jake?!!We got tired for a minute and had to rest... :)And seriously... how cute is the whole family.... yeah, awesome!Whew... gearing up for this weekend, its going to be a busy one, but Im excited... Those who know me, know that Im not happy unless Im busy s0 looks like a good weekend for me... :)

Market street is next week... super excited about that as well. Lots of fun photo stuff going on - Im so excited and I cant wait to show you pictures, but it will be awhile - oh well, you will just have to enjoy the rest of the in between stuff that I post... :)

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets get your session set up.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Riley & Landon - Columbus MS Photographer

Ok, yall are going to have to bear with me as I figure this new blogger format out - not a fan, but that might change... hopefully I can remember how to post as the days go by... :)

While you are waiting for me to get caught up, how about enjoying these two gorgeous boys! Riley and Landon are so, so sweet (once they wake up totally), but I loved hanging out with them... I hope you will too!Riley just keeps getting bigger every time I see him!Thanks for hanging in there with me... hopefully Ill get it figured out... :)


Just letting you know that I was out sick yesterday and now Im trying to catch up on everything....

Im having a good bit of trouble with this new blogger format, but hopefully will have it figured out soon... thanks for hanging with me.  Feel free to email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com anytime... :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Merit Award - Columbus MS Photographer

As I mentioned earlier... I participated in the Cotton District Arts Festival Jurored art show this past Saturday... and I won a Merit Award.  I was so, so excited!

I entered 3 photos, and the one that I loved was the one that took the award.  It made me feel so validated as an artist.  There is absolutly no better feeling than to know that someone believes in your work.  Amazing!

(not digging this new blogger)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

This is how we roll at the Talley house.... :)
(bonus: check out the geek-tastic shirts the kids are wearing: Alice, Iron man, and Weezer - yes!)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Published! - Columbus MS Photographer

Hey, I am sincerely enjoying all the feedback Ive been getting from the Cinderella shoots - I love that yall love it - that makes me happy.... :)

I wanted to let you know that Ive been published again... and I couldnt be more excited.

Maritta (Cinderella) did another interview with Unique Modeling & ET Magazine... and they used one of the shots from the Cinderella shoot... check out page 27 here

Also, I was interviewed by The Real Story - small, local, Columbus paper (it can be found at most local gas stations).... it turned out so good, and I was so excited to be featured! Thank you so much to everyone there, especially Candy, Chris and Joe!

Also... if you are interested in art... you should go by the Cotton District Arts Festival this Saturday in Starkville - its free and perfect for a family fun day... while you are there, check out the juried art show - I got accepted into it, and from what Ive heard, this is no small feat - color me excited, seriously! It will only be up from 9-4 this Saturday so please come by and check it out... :)

Hope yall are all having an amazing Thursday... tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cinderella, part two - third night - Columbus MS Photographer

And we now come to the third night of the ball... the most spectacular spectacular.... these were done at Friendship Cemetery and at the Amzi Love and Lincoln Houses/gardens... I think they turned out amazing and I hope you do too!Model: Maritta Rondeau
Hair Stylist: Brii Alicea from the "Hair Studio" in Starkville, MS
Make-up: Maritta Rondeau
Fashion Stylist: Maritta Rondeau
Vendor: Oooh La La Boutique in Starkville, MS
Location: The Amzi Love & Lincoln Houses/gardens

It is always a mix of excitement and sadness when a project is done. There is no feeling in the world like seeing your vision come to life, and I would be remiss if I didnt thank everyone involved - it couldnt have happened without each and every one of you and I am forever grateful for your generosity and hospitality. Its also sad because its over and I truly did love working on this shoot.

But soon will come the next one and its completely opposite of this one as now I start the work of the "7 Deadly Sins" project... Im really excited and nervous.... I hope I can do it justice and make the visions I have in my head come to life (or death as the case may be for some)... I hope all of you stay tuned so you can stay updated on whats happening... :)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cinderella, part two - second night - Columbus MS Photographer

So here we are with Cinderella again, on the second night of the ball... This time our gracious host, Jennifer, allowed us to use her house, The Painted Lady, which was amazing.

What was so funny about this shoot is that Maritta and I had to plan all the styling (jewelry, dresses, hair, etc) over email and neither of us had been in any of the three houses, so we really didnt know which dress would work best for each location. But as we showed up in each dress, it fit perfectly with the house in a way that the others wouldnt - can we say divine intervention? Awesome!
This room was amazing!
I love the moodiness of this one.Model: Maritta Rondeau
Hair Stylist: Brii Alicea from the "Hair Studio" in Starkville, MS
Make-up: Maritta Rondeau
Fashion Stylist: Maritta Rondeau
Vendor: Oooh La La Boutique in Starkville, MS
Location: The Painted Lady

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone involved! Especially Jennifer and Katie Rose for letting us use their amazing house. As you can see, it was divine - and it would be perfect for a weekend trip to Columbus (you know you want to stay in that princess bed!) or a little girls tea party or even a wedding rehearsal. Jennifer is the most amazing hostess and she will treat you like Victorian royalty so you definitely should go by and see her!

One more night to go... and Ill go ahead and tell you, the dress for this next one is unbelievable!

Im still looking for a few vendors to work with on some styled wedding/bridal shoots that are upcoming... would love to work with some new florists, bakers and stylists.... or if you have something that you think would work, let me know. Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com