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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Almost Back

I know that no one is probably reading this anymore... sorry.

Ive had a good excuse for not posting though.... weve been in Hong Kong adopting our new son... we just got back on Friday and are trying to get back on schedule....

But I do have good news... we are getting home internet next Tuesday - December 7th, so I will actually be able to post alot of the last sessions that I couldnt get to before we left... including the most amazing wedding! So be on the lookout for next week - lots of good things are coming!

I promise.... :)

Hey, thanks for sticking with me... this has been a crazy time in our lives and we couldnt make it without you...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Willcutt Girls - Columbus MS Photographer

This is the session that I know everyone has been waiting on... its the Willcutt girls.... arent they the cutest? And you know what? They are so amazingly sweet too - how unbelievably lucky am I? They had so many good photos, it was so hard to pick which ones to put up here - and I probably didnt do a good job with that, as there are still a ton for yall to look at.... so I hope you enjoy!
We loved this green door... :)

Too cute!
Yep, Shannon is just as cute as her girls.

Loved how these colors coordinated perfectly with their outfits - I dont think we could have planned it better...

Love this one!

How talented is Macy?!!

Just in case you didnt know... Shannon is the Cookie Mama - I have been admiring her work for awhile, and we finally got a chance to work together.... definitely check her out. She is so talented and makes the best cookies! Thank you Shannon, Macy and Lucy for being some of my favorites!
Well, it is getting close to the end of the year, and I am working on re-working a few things... so look for some changes in the future... here and on the website... Im pretty excited.
And just in case you havent heard yet... we leave for Hong Kong next Friday to meet our son for the first time.... and then we are bringing him home! Oh yall, Im so, so excited - we have been waiting 19 months for this and its finally here.... and because of that, I will not be reachable Thanksgiving week - but I figure yall will be busy enough with your own families to worry about me anyway... We will be getting back November 26th at the Birmingham Airport around 4:30 if anyone wants to meet us...
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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Venable Family - Columbus MS Photographer

If youve been watching the blog for any amount of time, then you probably recognize this family. This is their 3rd session with me and every time, I am just blown away by how big their little boy has gotten. And one of the reasons that you probably recognize them is b/c they are completely gorgeous - and oh my goodness, hands down, one of the nicest families ever. I cant tell you how amazing it is to have repeat clients like this. Oh my - dont his hands just kill you?!!

Love it!

I love this picture... it makes me think of one of those big oil paintings... so pretty.

I think he just got a glimpse of the playground... :)

As always, click on the pics to view them bigger.
Yes, I know, I know... I am so behind on posting pictures - I need to step it up. But ever since we got our travel dates, Ive been in a tizzy. I feel like there is so much going on and so much that needs to get done before we go. At least the weather has been cooperating... :)
A huge thank you to all my clients... I dont know how I ever got the amazing opportunity to work with all of yall, but every single one has been such a wonderful experience... I love what I do and yall make that possible... thank you.
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