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Friday, October 5, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus Ms Photographer

Since now its October, I can actually start talking halloween without looking like a crazy person (b/c if I could, I would talk about it all year and dress up all year, but then people tend to think you are a little crazy when you do things like that)...
Anyway, so yes, if you were wondering... I DO have the most awesome, wonderful, handsome husband in the whole world.... I mean I get to decide what we are going to be for halloween and then he just dresses up.... and he goes out in public like this.  Not even kidding - these pictures were taken at Lee Park while the whole family was dressed up like Peter Pan (after pumping gas like this!).... Daniel makes a nice Captain Hook.... he even grew out his goatie all month so he could cut it into this style for halloween.  

So yeah... Ive been planning our costumes this year since June, I think.... and let me tell you, they are AWESOME - and I dont mind saying that b/c alot of work went into them... and next Friday, we get to show them off.  I seriously could not be more excited.... yall have no idea.  Like I said, I would be happy to dress up every day if I could.... maybe one day.  Until then, you will just have to anticipate what each halloween is going to look like for us!

And if you are cleaning up and find some halloween decorations or costumes you dont want, then feel free to drop them in my lap... :)

Happy Friday and happy weekend!


Kimberly said...

We have ours picked out for this year too, can't wait to see what you guys are dressing up as.

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

oh, I cant wait to see what yall are going to be!

Amanda Keeys said...

Looking great as Captain Hook! I don't celebrate halloween, but it sure is tempting for the dress-up fun factor.

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

Amanda, we dont do any of the scary stuff, but we do put up pumpkins and the decorations are all cats and bats and spiders and things like that... :)

And of course, we dress up (but nothing scary there either!)