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Friday, May 11, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

I used this image on a card for my mom, grandmother and aunt for the first Mothers Day that Emma was here... May 2007... thats her and Gabe's hands... so tiny.

Just wanted to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the women out there... even the ones who are hurting for your own reasons. Big hugs, Sunday can be a hard day... know that someone is thinking of you.


In other news... I finally got all 7 of the sin shoots shot. Now I have to work on editing - ALOT of editing, but Im happy to do it, to see my vision come to life.

A huge thank you to everyone involved, especially Robin, Carl, Tricia, Rachael, Amber, Kimberly and Tim... I owe you more than you realize and one day I hope to repay the debt. Thank you for helping me to realize my dreams. And thank you to everyone who has believed in me along the way.

Good things are happening.


I hope yall all have an amazing weekend... Id love to hear from you - in comments or email at talleyimages@yahoo.com

Much love!


Kimberly said...

Can not wait to see the 7 deadly sins, so excited!

Talley Images said...

Me too!