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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Venable Family - Columbus MS Photographer

You probably remember this family from here - they are so, so sweet! Im so glad that I get to work with them and they trust me with their family memories.

Sometimes, the first frame is one of the best... :)Ummmm... can you believe how big this girl has gotten?!!!And isnt she gorgeous!Pretty much like her big brother... :)Pretty much like the whole family... :)Love sweet baby faces... :)Things are a little bit quieter now with sessions, which means I can fully focus on the ones that do have, and also continue working on my own creative projects. I love that the season goes from really busy to quiet to really busy to quiet. Right when I think Im feeling burnt out, I get a little break... and then right when I start getting bored, it heats up again. There's something so magical in that.

So whats up with the rain lately? Cant decide if it wants to come down in a deluge or just sprinkel or stay cloudy... make up your mind, silly rain... :)

A huge thanks to all who voted for my work at Market Street and all the people we ran into and got to speak to for a minute.... loved every second!

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