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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Winter Queen - Columbus MS Photographer

After my interview in The Real Story, where a few of my pictures were published, a few of you asked to see more from the The Winter Queen shoot... so I am all too happy to oblige... hope you enjoy!A huge thanks to my model, Katina.... she was brave enough to get into that water and she did a great job with the shoot! These were taken in a cypress bog that had been filled with rainwater... it was waist-deep and dirty which meant you couldnt see what you were stepping on or in. I am so lucky to work with such amazing people!

I love doing these kind of fantasy shoots... and Ive heard that others enjoy seeing them... so I thought I would offer these to the public. I have tons of dresses/costumes on hand, if you are interested. These are totally fun shoots and they dont have to be as extreme as getting into the water. But I think most women have some kind of fantasy, so here is your chance to fulfill it.

I especially want to pitch these to moms of pre-teen and teenage daughters out there. You remember that phase of not feeling pretty, feeling awkward and just out of place. Here is a chance to give a gift of acceptance to your daughter (or sister, neice, granddaughter). Help her to realize that its her thats beautiful - everything about her is what makes her unique - lets celebrate it! It really is a fun experience, especially for someone who doesnt feel all that confident in themselves. The total package will come with the fun of playing dress up and finding the perfect dress, I can also do their make up as well (sorry, Im not good with hair though!), then we will discuss what she wants, find the perfect location, and then just go out and have some fun. Ive done this with several girls and they all come out on the other side and say they had so much fun and they really did feel beautiful. I want all girls to feel beautiful - no matter what their size, shape, or "imperfections" are. They deserve to be celebrated - Id love to be a part of making that happen... :) (I think its always good for a girl/woman to have a few beautiful pictures of herself to pull out on those "bad" days to remember what she really does look like!)

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets figure out how to create something beautiful. I look forward to hearing from you.

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keburg515 said...

Very cool! You are one talented chic!