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Friday, March 23, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Alright, I know the cardinal rule on a photography blog is to 1. Never, ever put pics on your blog that are straight out of the camera, and 2. Never, ever put pics on your blog that arent amazing.... but well, its Personal Friday and these are my pics - no one paid me to create them and they havent been edited in any way, plus they were taken on my little bitty point and snap camera that isnt that great.

Heck, if you know me at all, you know I dont always follow the rules... so here we are today... and for probably the first time on the blog (Im too lazy to go back and make sure though), Im posting pics that were taken super recently - like yesterday recent... As I said, the library was doing a Hunger Games party and I LOVE any excuse to dress up, so we headed out...

Gabe... my sweet, blonde headed boy, had to be Peeta (notice the sign behind him)Wallace took on the role of Seneca Crane... check out that fancy beard work (it actually did look pretty cool in real life!) - lesson learned: its really hard to put a fake beard on a child who doesnt really want to sit still... he looked pretty sharp in the suit thoughEmma was Prim... yall! yall! This girl looked almost exactly like you would imagine a 5 year old Prim to look... I wouldnt have even imagined it until she was in the dress with her hair braided... she definitely won everyone over... it doesnt hurt that Emma can be the sweetest child ever as well.And the family picture... I was Effie - check out my awesome puffed shoulder padded sleeves... yeah, totally rockin - and oh, if you could have only seen how much make up I was wearing (I had pink eyebrows!)... Daniel got away with being Cinna so he wouldnt have to look too crazy (he nixed the gold eyeliner but I did try)I actually do have some better pics that I took before we left the house, so sometime I will put those up too so you can get a better idea... :) Also, we went to Walmart after this, so we all looked pretty crazy - mostly me and Wallace and we got a few weird looks, but no one asked us anything, so apparently you can wear whatever you want to walmart and its acceptable.. :)

Did I mention Im excited about the Hunger Games... we have had our tickets since Tuesday... cant wait, cant wait, cant wait!!!

Ok, so do tell... who all is going tonight?

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