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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

Didnt Jalaine and Zach make such a cute couple!

And we are back with some link love... all the things Im really digging right now and I wanted to share with you!

Loving this gorgeous colored wedding dress... what did I tell you? Colored dresses are in... and just for the record, white wedding dresses have nothing to do with purity so if thats the only reason you want white, think again!

Coolest guy rings ever!!!... and that dress!

Can someone please tell my lovely husband that I want one of these cards for Mothers Day... please.

Or this print... except the etsy link doesnt work anymore... need to find it though!

Need to make these lasagna roll-ups... yummm!

One of the cutest ring-bearers ever! I want to pinch his cheeks (super loving the colors and circus d├ęcor as well – ballerina cupcakes?!! Yes, please)

Super loving this paper bouquet!

A polka dot washer and dryer... and even better, a how to!

Homemade goldfish crackers!!!!

Got empty cereal boxes? Use them for something good!

Dying over every single one of these, especially the gorilla ones!

Love this shoot, and Id love to do something like this one day… anyone want to model?

Loving the feel of this graphic designer... :)

I like the stuff drawn on the walls, like they are part of the space without taking up any space – love the juxtaposition of it

How amazing is this Day After session… I think all brides and grooms should have one

Hair Tutorial – how to do a halo braid… makes me think of Katniss

Speaking of Katniss, I did go see The Hunger Games on a date with my lovely husband (of 10 years!), and I loved it - much more than I thought I would... it was a very good adaptation of the book, and all the casting that I had reservations about, well, no need to worry, the casting was spot on.... I wish I could go see it again already... and Im sad that I have to wait to watch the other movies now.

As for other things I did over the weekend, the main one was finishing up the Cinderella shoot that I had been working on.... and thankfully I had the most amazing model ever. We shot for 4 hours, and she was in heels most of that time! But it was awesome. Im definitely still culling and editing but I cant wait to show you what weve come up with.

Also.... two contests are still running on facebook and the odds of you winning are really, really good!

And here is a notice of things to come... I am thinking about re-vamping my business which will be bringing changes - changes to the website, photography prices and packages. I want to bring you the best I have to offer without selling myself short. I want to be the best, and in order to do that, changes will have to be made.... probably a little painful at first (as most changes are), but better for everyone in the long run.... thanks to everyone who has supported me - Im so excited to see where this new journey is going to end up!

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - Id love to hear from you!

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