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Friday, August 3, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

So remember when Emma got her hair cut? Eight inches in total... her first real haircut! Well, before that appointment, I begged her to get a pixie cut b/c I knew it would suit her tiny figure and adorable face, but that was really just too big of a jump for her and she got it cut into a cute bob. But even since then, I kept begging her to get it recut.... and she finally relented... and oh, I was so, so right! She is even more gorgeous - and it would be apt to say Im totally jealous b/c now she looks like a rockstar.... I cant wait to get her in front of my big camera (these were just done with the little one right after we got home).... This little girl just holds my heart.Even got a quick pic with the superstar... :)Hope you all have an amazing weekend.... :)

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