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Monday, August 27, 2012

Katelyn & Wayne - Columbus MS Photographer

Remember that sneak peek from last week... well, here is the final post and I hope you are ready because its going to be huge and awesome - I probably shouldnt have put so many pictures, but I cant help it - I LOVED this session.... when you have a couple this gorgeous and sweet, you cant help but fall in love with them. They were absolutely precious and Im just sad that they are getting married in Ohio and not here... :)dont you love the ducks...absolutely gorgeous light!More gorgeous light, I couldnt help myself... :)Katelyn and Wayne opted for the popular 2 hour session so they could make sure they got exactly what they wanted without feeling rushed.... it also meant we got a whole different look and feel to their pictures... fun! One of my most favorite engagement pictures ever!As a photographer, you know you got lucky and got to shoot one of the coolest couples in the world when they totally indulge your whims and look amazing doing it! These two totally rocked my face off!Had to get a picture of this ring!At the end of the session, Katelyn surprised Wayne with a sweet birthday party... his friends showed up with a cake.... so fun! Best way to end a session!Katelyn and Wayne, thank you so, so much for being just completely amazing - I had the best time and I really, really hope I get to work with you again! And you know, if you want to fly me up to Ohio for your wedding, I wouldnt complain a bit... :)


Ok, so I gotta tell you what happened this weekend. Daniel, Wallace and I took the day off and went to Birmingham - we havent had a day off in forever so this was just what we were needing. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE thrift store shopping (and am a huge pro - need something for cheap, come see me!)... anyway, one of my favorite thrift stores was moving to a new location so we went to see if it was open yet. We got there to find out it wasnt, which was a disappointment, but we did find out that it was located next to a really cool indoor flea market/junk store.

So I wandered around.

And I found THE couch.

Oh my goodness, yall! If I had an actual studio this couch would be in it - in a heartbeat.

Its bright purple! Yes, bright purple, and its an older style with a heavy wooden base (kind of like my orange couch, but a different shape, if youve seen that). Gorgeous up against a black wall!

I seriously about just passed out right there.... I actually did start singing the Hallelujah Chorus outloud... and then promptly went and found Daniel to show it to him. I believe he rolled his eyes at the sight of it, but he did admit that it was absolutely me and he wished he could buy it for me.

But we couldnt take it home that day for 2 reasons... 1. we were in the car, so it never would have fit... 2. it cost about $280 - which I know is a steal for an antique couch, but right now, we are saving up for something thats really big in our lives (I cant talk about it now, but will sometime soon, I promise).

So I told Daniel that I was going to put up a paypal donate button on this blog for anyone who wanted to donate to my couch fund because really, who doesnt want their picture on a bright purple couch.... yall, I have this bridal image in my head too that would be amazing.... and family pics on it would be the coolest.

Daniel said I was insane and no one in their right mind would give me any money at all for a couch.

So I come to you, dear readers.... is there a possibility that anybody would donate to my couch fund... or do you have any ideas for a fundraiser for me to get my couch? (b/c Im not totally sure that that store wasnt going out of business and I would lose that couch forever soon?)

So you tell me.... what do you think?


In other news, if you are thinking about booking a session, you need to do it now... not even kidding... I am running out of Saturdays in 2012 (along with 2012 pricing)... I do still have a few Sundays and I have some weekdays as well.... loving being busy! Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets get you scheduled.

Maybe I will even have a purple couch by the time your session is here!


Hope this is just the start of your best week ever!


Kimberly said...

Love the spanish moss in the first few pictures and then love how fun the 2nd half of the pics are. And I think people would donate to your purple couch fund, just not sure yet how to go about doing it, do you have a pic of it? You could possibly put it on fb and get lots of response on it. Good Luck and hope you get your purple couch soon.

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

no, we didnt have a camera with us... and I put it on facebook and got zero response... guess Daniel was right.