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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sneak Peek - Columbus Ms Photographer

Look see I can do "normal" pics too - and do them really well too, I might add... ha ha, of course, it doesnt hurt when I get to work with a gorgeous, gorgeous couple who let me have total creative freedom (thanks Katelyn and Wayne!).... :) So here is a sneak peek - look for a whole post coming soon, and go ahead and be prepared, its going to be amazing!the most amazing light!Yeah.... its going to rock... :) (Tons of other fun stuff upcoming as well! Stay tuned!)

I just heard VicTORIous got canceled... super sad.... :(

Also, I gotta be honest - its tickling me to death to see my new profile pic when I leave comments on other people's blogs - makes me look like a total goth chick (which I love), but its very opposite to all the pretty people pics that everyone else has.... totally makes me smile.

Hope you are having the best Wednesday ever!

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