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Monday, January 30, 2012

Should I Book a Professional Wedding Photographer or Get a Friend to do it for Free? A Cautionary Tale… Columbus MS Photographer

Ok, Im going to get serious for a minute since its almost the start of wedding season... its the time when most newly engaged couples start looking for vendors for their wedding... including photographers.

Let me just say that I love being a photographer... its one of the highlights of my life. I love wedding photography and being a wedding photographer, but its hard work. Im just going to be honest here and say it really is hard work sometimes because its all day on your feet, constantly changing locations and lighting conditions... and most importantly, there are no do-overs! A wedding should never be something that a photographer takes lightly.

Its one of the biggest days (if not the biggest!) of two people's lives, and it should be treated with that much respect. I feel honored every single time that I get to be a part of someone else's big day. Its absolutely incredible.

With that being said... yes, wedding photographers/photography is expensive. Let me tell you why. First, weddings are extremely stressful and any number of things can go wrong - you are paying for someone who knows how to deal with it and roll with the punches. It also requires someone who knows their camera inside and out and does not shoot on automatic, and can shoot in low light without flash - most churches do not allow flash during the ceremony and without the right equipment or experience, you just cant get the best results. More importantly, wedding pictures cannot be redone. So not only are you paying for a seasoned professional who can roll with the punches, work with whats available, put you in your best light and capture an entire day... you are also hiring someone to edit thousands of pictures, cull them down to a usable amount, hours and do hours of editing to get the best out of your pictures....

I tell you all this because Ive seen and heard a very popular route to take with wedding photos lately.... and thats to forget the professional and just get a friend or family member with a nice camera to take the pictures

And then I get to hear - personally, mind you - the regrets and horror stories involved with taking this route. And it absolutely breaks my heart.

Dont take this the wrong way... Im not using this blog post to guilt you into hiring me or spending money that you dont have.... all Im saying is do your research - find someone who is fully capable and whose style fits your own.

Your pictures are the one physical thing that you will have after the wedding - the only thing to look back on and remember one of the biggest events of your life... what you worked so hard on and spent so much money on - the pictures will be what you have to keep. Its what you will show your grandchildren.

Your pictures are the first heirloom of your new life.

Ive seen so many things that were wrong at different weddings - the food, the cake, the flowers, even the bridesmaid dresses, but none of that ruined the wedding. But have bad pictures - and well, it will ruin your memories too.

Anyway, nothing speaks louder than pictures themselves... everyone thinks that it cant happen to them, but it can... go here and read this post and check out the pictures and see for yourself. And if you really want to be educated, read the comments - this happens every day, but it doesnt have to!

Later, Ill do a post on what you can do if this does happen to you....

Ok, I gotta here... did anything like this happen to you? Do share... :)

And you can always email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com

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