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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Colin - Columbus MS Photographer

One of the best things about my job of child photographer is getting to see my clients grow up. Its such an amazing miracle to see how much taller theyve gotten and to get a sneak peek of what they are going to look like as a teenager. I love it. I cant get over the fact that Colin is only 3 - he looks so much older - like a total little man... he is so sweet too... Im betting it wont be long before he is a total heartbreaker.
How old are you Colin? Three?
Three... thats right, isnt it?I think he likes his daddy.... :) Love this one!This was all Colin's posing... I think he has this model thing down.We found this old mailbox - they are slowly disappearing, so I had to take full advantage.Its a good thing his family is so good looking.... :)In case you havent noticed, I love the Foxworthy family.... and I love watching their kids grow up... just a miracle.

So I mention often my favorite parts of my job, but one of the parts that I find the hardest is culling pictures down - I always want to keep too many. Argh - its so hard to emotionally separate myself from them and just pick. So thats what Ive been doing all morning - trying to narrow things down for the bridal show.... and its next weekend! Crazy!

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