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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why? - Columbus MS Photographer

(picture taken in 2007)

I think everyone should go and read this post from another professional photographer and then come back and hear what I have to write today

I have often wanted to write a post of this nature, but never fully understood quite how - I didnt want anyone to feel like I was prospering off of someone's else's grief. But several times, I have been in a similar situation (although no letters on my doorstep) where the pictures that I took were the last ones that were taken... and the family members shared their joy to me of having them.

This is why I want to tell you two things.

1. Dont wait to get your family or children's pictures taken. We like to think that we are immortal sometimes and think that nothing bad will ever happen... and then it does. I know Ive been there - I went to bed one night having a father and when I woke up the next morning, he was gone. The scars dont go away, but I have often sat with a single picture that speaks of only happier times. And even if it doesnt concern so much heartbreak, please dont wait to have your childrens' pictures taken, especially when they are little. They change so much in the first 10 years or so, and it goes by so fast - you will never, ever get these days back... dont waste them, hold them tight and make a good memory.

2. This letter is exactly the reason why you hire a professional. They are usually a professional because they love it and that gift allows them to see into the moments and capture whats really there. The crinkly nose from barefeet on grass, the whisper into dad's ear and even a child throwing the biggest tantrum in the world... I promise - 20 years from now when you look back at your photos - these moments, not the overly posed pictures that you seriously stressed out by trying to get everyone to look and smile at the camera at the same time - the real moments, these are the ones you will cherish.

Such a heavy subject today, I know. But I have resolved to myself to grab 2012 with all of my might, hang on tight and squeeze every bit of good out of it.... no regrets. And I want that to be the same for you - no regrets. No looking back on this year and wishing that you had gotten those pictures that you had always wanted.

So... for the first 5 people to book their session this year, Im going to give you a $50 print credit... but you must book before February 1st - that doesnt mean that your session has to be before February, just that you have to have it booked by then. Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets make this a year to remember.


alli said...

Touching and true. Are you familiar with the Victorian tradition of memento mori? Portraits were so expensive that many waited until a loved one had passed before they would have their portrait taken...beautiful but heartbreaking images. How lucky are we to live in an age where capturing our memories and special moments on film to share and enjoy is so accessible and affordable?

Talley Images said...

I actually was reading about that not too long ago... it was very interesting.

I wish more people would take this to heart and hopefully dont wait until its too late.

thanks for your comment, alli