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Friday, January 20, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Ok, so speaking of personal... what do you think of the new changes to the blog... Id love to hear some comments about what you like - or even what you dont... :)

Anyway, here we have a really recent picture of Emma.... its from a carnival shoot that I did - and more pictures from that shoot will be available soon, so you'll just have to come back here and watch for them... :)

The Columbus bridal show is this weekend, and I have my whole booth in the van ready to set up this afternoon... Im so excited... ok, so tell me - who all is coming? You will definitely want to come by my booth (and its awesome! if I do say so myself, it shouldnt be hard to find!) - I have lots of stuff to giveaway, including a huge discount, and also a big giveaway - you definitely do not want to miss it! And of course, Ill be there too!

The $50 print credit is still up for grabs if you book your session before February 1st - dont wait! Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com so we can get you set up!

Have a great weekend!


gregsgourmet said...

Whoa snap. New layout! Looks nice! I would maybe reduce the width of the header so more content can be seen when first visiting, but that's just me. Good aura otherwise. Nice and bright!

Talley Images said...

thanks Greg, very helpful!