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Monday, January 23, 2012

Jessica & Russ:the wedding - the happy couple - Columbus MS Photographer

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! I know its not a big deal to most in these parts, but its a HUGE deal to everyone else in most parts of the world. We love it and will be eating some Chinese food to celebrate tonight....

And so, for your gift - and in celebration of the bridal show this past weekend, I offer you the gift of Jessica and Russ' wedding... and it was AMAZING, so sit back, relax and enjoy - Ill be putting pictures up from this wedding all week!

And to start us off, Im going with everyone's favorite - the couple pictures... starting with the first look (my most favorite part of the day!)Have you ever seen a more excited bride?!!! Love it!And let me just tell you, Jessica was pure GORGEOUSNESS - I could have photographed her all day - she was just glowing... and check out the dress - and the shoes! (more pics of those when I put the details up)And how cute are these two together!Ok, lets talk about the groom for a minute... Russ was total GQ that day. wow! Signature Shot! I love it!Can you believe this is my job? To take pictures of good looking people dressed to the nines? Yes, I love my life and I love my "job" - although I gotta say its not like its work or anything when you love doing something so much!

I had a blast this past Saturday at the bridal show here in Columbus.... oh my goodness, I got to meet and chat with some of the sweetest people - I loved it. There are definitely some beautiful, creative brides out there - I really do hope I get to work with them.

As I said, Ill be posting pictures from this wedding all week, and you know you dont want to miss that! So stay tuned and keep coming back, you are going to love what you will be seeing!

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets see what we can create together!

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