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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Allison - Columbus MS Photographer

Meet Allison - isnt she gorgeous?!!! I had a hard time believing that she didnt really like her picture being taken - or at least thats what I was told, but it definitely wasnt my experience. She did amazingly well and I was so glad that we got to chat as we walked along and become such good friends... such a sweet girl... and check out those eyelashes!If there is any wonder where she gets her good looks... Im guessing her momma would be the place to look... :)Again, this is one of those pictures, "if I only had a studio" - you would so see it on a large canvasThis is definitely one of my favorites.... there is this crazy belief that all children's portraits have to be smiling and happy to be beautiful, but I think this one proves that they can be just as beautiful when they are being themselves, if not moreso.But yes, she does know how to smile... :)Love this picture of her and her uncle Carl.... :)I feel like Ive been running on fast forward lately... I have a million deadlines to meet this week and slowly but surely (and with a lot of work!), they are being met. And part of that includes the Columbus bridal show next weekend!

I am loving this warmer weather, and mild winter we are having... before too long, spring will be popping out - Im already seeing some of the gorgeous rye grass in a few spots.... and Im eager to start doing portraits again this year - I have January 28th open if anyone wants to give it a go... :)

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A Day In The Life said...

You do such amazing work! I love them all. Thank you for being an amazing part of our lives!

Talley Images said...

Sweet - thank you... you know I love yall!