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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Emma at the Fair - Columbus MS Photographer

As promised, here are some more images from Emma's carnival shoot. They make me more than happy... :)I brought that dress back for Emma from Hong Kong when we went to get Wallace... it reminded me of cotton candy so I thought it would work nicely for this carnival shoot - to bad it was cold and chilly that day.... so glad Emma is an old-pro and went on like it was nothing. Such a trooper... and those photos make me more than happy - I hope they do the same for you!

And Ill just be honest for a minute, its been a really hard week for us at the Talley household - mainly just me and Daniel. There have been some things that have come up and its hard to see how some people can treat others in such ways. It is amazing how much greed can change someone. Nope, we are not in any sort of financial trouble, thats not it... but certain parts of our family are being threatened and the people supposedly fighting for us just really dont care - its disheartening and Ive probably already said too much. All that to say, thank you for the friends who continue to stand with us and support us and make us feel like we matter - you are what we count among our greatest treasures, and to my clients, who have allowed me to "go to my happy place" with you, thank you, it has been immeasurable the good that you have done.

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