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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jessica & Russ:the wedding - Getting Ready - Columbus MS Photographer

Now comes the fun part... the actual wedding day and all the getting ready fun of it. If youve ever had the privilige of being part of the wedding party then you know the craziness involved... if not, then get ready to be a second hand viewer... :)Cutest bride ever... :)This is her grandmother - pinning an antique handkerchief to her dress - every woman in her family has worn it on their wedding day.Love it!Grandparents getting pinned with corsages.Love how the groom (middle) is as cool as a cucumber. (exactly why you have a first look!)Isnt this fun?!!! I am loving it. But you gotta come back the next few days - you definitely dont want to miss the ceremony and reception, right?

I cant believe January is almost at a close... 2012 is already speeding on by and so far, its been good... and Im prone to believe thats its only going to get better. :)

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