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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Fighter - Columbus MS Photographer

This is one of the fake tattoos that I did in college... I wanted a the gauntlet piece of armor so I drew one on.. this one took about 2-3 hours I think... even though its a simple looking design, there are no outline lines on the inside part - all that work is done with shading...

I put this pic up for a reason... b/c Im putting on my armor.  Im just going to be honest here, this week was a hard week.  Earlier, I learned that a family that had clients for a long time recently started going to a new photographer.  And then I learned that Im not one of the cool kids, the in crowd.

As much as I want to believe that Im punk rock and none of this stuff bothers me, I have to come to terms that I am human and it hurts.  Thats the way life is.  I dont have on a suit of armor and most of the time my heart is fully exposed... which means pain and hurt are inevitable.

But how I deal with it is not.  I have 2 choices - I can choose to be bitter and spout off hate (which honestly is my first reaction) or I can choose to rise above it and let it make me better, make my skin a little tougher, put another chink in my armor.

My anthem in this stage of life is the Gym Class Heroes song "The Fighter"... and when Ive had a hard day, I will sit and listen to that song over and over until I believe it.  "Give me scars, give me pain, then they'll say to me... there goes a fighter"

Im not oblivious or naive.  I know there are alot of people out there that want to see me lay down and quit... to just give up.  But I cant... and I wont.  This is my dream and my heart and I will claw and scratch and fight for it.  I am not about to give it up so easily.... I truly believe that one day I will make it.

And thats where you come in.  If I make it, if I succeed, it will be because of the people who have my back... who were there when I didnt feel like going on.... when I want to turn around and walk away - they were there to push me forward until I was ready to keep going on my own. 

So yeah, I know I say thank you alot... but I dont want you ever to think thats lip service.  I have been handed very few things in my life so I dont take things lightly and I dont believe in saying things just to say them... If I tell you thank you, its because Im genuinely thankful for you - you mean the world to me.  If I tell you I love you, I really do and if you asked me to do something for you, I would.  So I want you to know, that if you are reading this, then I appreciate you - I would give you a hug and bake you a cake if I could. 

So here is the challenge for today.

I believe in the power of words, written and spoken.  So today... either go tell someone how much they mean to you, that they are important.  Either in person, on the phone, or write them a handwritten note and mail it to them.  Do not do it on facebook... do it like you mean it.  Today is the only day that you know that you have - lets use it and make it a better place. 

Today is yours.... :)

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