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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Melissa & Trey - the wedding: the details - columbus MS Photographer

Today I get to show you one of my most favorite part of the wedding... ok, who am I kidding, I love it all, so let me rephrase, I get to show you one of my most favorite parts of the wedding to photograph.... each wedding is unique and it really all comes down to the details.  Melissa and Trey both go to Mississippi State, so they got married at the Chapel of Memories (which is gorgeous by the way), so there were lots of little maroon and white accents.... and Melissa is also a poultry science major (seriously, how cool is that) so mixed in with all the State stuff was eggs and chicken feathers... so fun and just perfect for these two!

Ok, gotta start off with the dress... it fit Melissa like a dream.
 And her shoes were killer!!!
 And you outta know by now that I have to do a couple different ringshots!

 Right outside the chapel is a huge angel statue, so I used his hand to hold the rings - I love how it turned out!

 Wooden egg favors!
 Drink coozies were perfect for the reception!

 Trey is from New Orleans so he had to have king cake for the grooms cake... yummm!

 Look! The bride and groom got their own eggs... :)

Tomorrow will be the big day where I show you some of Melissa and Trey's pics... Im not even going to begin to describe how beautiful these turned out - and mostly b/c Trey and Melissa are gorgeous on the outside and inside... it was a pleasure to hang out with them.

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benilhalk said...

Not seen such lavish arrangements and unique ideas in any of the blogs read till now. Was invited by my colleague for her daughter's baptism party at one of the well known San Francisco venues recently. Both mother daughter duos looked pretty. Luncheon and beverages all were praised by guests. Sweets distributed to all kids was of high quality.