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Friday, November 16, 2012

Melissa & Trey - the Wedding: The Reception - Columbus MS Photographer

And we finally come to the end of this gorgeous wedding... and get down to the really fun part - the reception... this is where everyone got to kick back and just relax and eat some comfort food and wedding cake.... :)

Check out this epic cake-feeding part (and grandma's reaction in the background)!

 A toast to the sweet couple!

Melissa and Trey, if I havent said it enough already, thank you... your wedding was just incredible and I hate such a great time.... yall are so beautiful and fun and I hope we continue to be friends... I hope your first year together is wonderful!

I will be in and out of the office all next week since its Thanksgiving and Daniel and the kids are out of school, so I want to soak as much of them up as possible.... Hope you have a great weekend!

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