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Monday, November 12, 2012

Melissa & Trey - the Wedding: Getting Ready - Columbus MS Photographer

Hey there, my lovely readers... hope you all had a fantastic weekend... I thought I would start this week off right and post one of my most favorite weddings this year.  Trey and Melissa!!!  And not only that I thought I would grace you with fun moments from their wedding all week.  Dont you hate it when a wedding photographer just posts a few photos from the wedding they were at for 6 or more hours!  Well, not here... I think every bride and groom deserves a little love for the day they put so much work into... and I think it also helps future bride and grooms see a more accurate picture of wedding photography!
Anyway, on this lovely Monday, lets kick it off with the getting ready pics... :)


And of course, what were the guys doing while the girls were getting ready.... having a little fun - thats Trey picking up Melissa's dad... :)

So yeah.... look forward to seeing more of this fun wedding all week!!!


In other news.... :)

- you may have seen that 6 of Columbus' women photographers are getting forward to pay it forward... Im not in this group, but it did inspire me to do a new project starting next year!

Im going to give away one session away each month all next year (barring anything that interferes with the adoption, but I will do my best).  This will be a one hour portrait session and will include either a cd of the pictures or a print package, the winner can choose.  This can be a family, a child, a senior, anniversary, bridal, day after... whatever you want.

The submissions will need to be for someone who really NEEDS pictures... a family with a sick child/family member, a war hero, lost all their pics in a fire, etc, etc.... you can nominate yourself or someone else.... :)  

Ill announce when I start accepting submissions for January!


For all of those who are paying clients, I want you to know that 100% of your session fee and print costs are going towards our adoption!  So you can feel good about getting your pictures done because I will work hard to give you family art that you can cherish for years to come, and you will know that you are also helping to bring our daughter home


Thank you for supporting us in this way... :)


Speaking of our adoption... we will be doing some fundraising soon.... we hope you will support us in this endeavor as well!


Have a great week everyone... I hope you took up Friday's challenge!

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and check out the website at www.addietalley.com

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