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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

A little departure from my normal pictures... I did these a couple years ago and I still love them. Some of my favorite pictures and I cant even imagine anything I would change about them - they symbolize Easter how I see it - completely graphic and extreme in so many ways...

Ash Wednesday... where it all starts...

Maunday Thursday... or the day that Christ took communion (or the Last Supper) with his disciples.

Where He was betrayed.... And then He was crucified.... for me... for you... for all of us

One thing I love about the Methodist church is the tradition of the colors... if you'll notice, a lot of Methodist churches have wooden crosses outside... when Ash Wednesday comes, a purple cloth is placed on the cross... until Good Friday, and a black one replaces it.

- I love how on the processing of this picture, some of the marks in the wood came out to be red

Blood flowed....
And then there was silence.... it was over.
Jesus was dead.

Alot of people probably wont get these bright, vivid pictures.... but if youve ever lost anyone close than you no how unfair it feels for life to go on - for everyone around you to be ok, to be happy even - when you are grieving, when your world has been shattered....

The black cloth stays on... while we wait.
Until it is replaced by the white.... and the cross no longer holds the sting it did the night before.

And this is what we teach our children... just wish it wasnt always so sugarcoated.

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