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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Katie Rose - Columbus MS Photographer

Katie Rose and my son Gabe started off in the same bed baby room, and continued being in the same class until kindergarten, so Ive gotten the wonder of watching Katie Rose grow up into a beautiful young lady. So while I was doing a model shoot at the house her mom, Jennifer owns (check out The Painted Lady here), she asked me to do a few shots of Katie Rose... and I didnt mind one bit.

Besides being the best hostess of a bed & breakfast, Jennifer also works at an antique store, so I knew she had a natural affinity for vintage and beautiful, so I definitely wanted Katie Rose's pictures to reflect a more vintage Victorian feel without being too kitschy with the faked sepia look... and I think we definitely achieved what we set out for.... Katie Rose is just beautiful.
Thank you Jennifer for providing more than I ever needed... I hope you enjoy the pictures for a long time.... :)

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1 comment:

The Painted Lady said...

You are a fantastic photographer! Thank you for capturing these sweet photos of my little girl.