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Monday, June 4, 2012

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

Had a great weekend visiting with family that we havent seen in awhile... Hope you had an amazing weekend as well. Lets hope this week treats us right until the next weekend comes along... b/c lets face it, the weekend is what we are really living for, right? :)

To start the week off right, thought I would show you what Im currently buzzing on... Id love some suggestions from you as well! Feel free to leave them in the comments.

Looking for a great gift for a newly engaged or married couple? These are perfect

These paper sculptures/art are made by just folding the paper… unreal

As a photographer, I find this strangely compelling and utterly beautiful… but please do not try this at home, I cant imagine that its really safe with all the chemicals involved

Another cute colored petticoat… and check out those rainbow roses – beyond!!!!

LOVE these pics… wish I had a couple wanting to do something like this

One of my most favorite engagement ideas… LOVE that bowtie more than anything!

One of my ultimate dream weddings that I wish I could have been the photographer at

Cute way to “fix” your busted jeans… would be adorable for kids clothes!

Want to diy a present for a newly married couple or even a girlfriend who just got her first apartment… here is a great idea!

LOVE every bit of these clothes and jewelry… anyone want to buy me a present?

A first look that’s perfect… and that dress… swoon

A carnival themed wedding?!!! Yes, please!

Ok, thats all Ive got for now... would love to hear what youve got going on this week... :)

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