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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Free Bridals - Columbus MS Photographer

Ok, so up for grabs today is a free bridal shoot at the Dismals. Have you ever been to the Dismals? Its in northern Alabama about 2 hours from Columbus. It is amazing. You walk down the steps into the canyon and its lush and green with waterfalls, moss and creeks running through the whole thing. It looks like you stepped back into time or crossed over into some fairy world. Talk about amazing.... you can view some pictures here.

So here is the deal... Id love to bless a bride with some bridals that maybe she cant afford or couldnt afford. Maybe you eloped and never had the time or money to do real pictures... or maybe your pictures turned out horribly? Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and have some beautiful pictures of themselves to celebrate. Or maybe there is a woman (mom, sister, wife) that needs a pick me up - to feel beautiful for the day.

Even better... I have wedding dresses on hand, in most sizes... so even if you werent able to get a dress or dont want to get yours dirty, you can just borrow one of mine and just have fun.... and trust me, I do have some gorgeous dresses - in all sizes and shapes (including some gorgeous vintage dresses!).... that dress in the picture at the top is one I own as well (yes, Im serious!).

The only catch is that you need to be healthy enough to do alot of walking/hiking, but otherwise this contest is open to anyone and everyone... :)

So how does it work? Send me an email at talleyimages@yahoo.com nominating a woman in your life who could use some beautiful pictures of herself (and yes, feel free to nominate yourself as well!)... Contest will be open for a little over 2 weeks and Ill pick a winner on July 9th.... in the email, please include the woman's name, why she deserves this, a picture, and if possible a dress size (so I can make sure I have something), please put "Dismal Bridals" in the subject line so I dont miss any.

Also, please share this on facebook, blogs and through email... I definitely want everyone to hear about this one!

Super easy contest with some great odds... and an amazing prize! I cant wait to hear from you!

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