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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Emma's haircut - Columbus MS Photographer

I couldnt wait until Friday to show you whats been happening at our house... :)

If youve met my daughter, Emma, then you know she has really, really long hair... in fact, she had never had a real haircut (just trimmings) in all of her 5 years... of course, she didnt have any hair until she was about 2 as well... but weve been letting it grow so she could donate it (she has THE most gorgeous hair), and we promised that she could cut it once summer got here - she was surely ready....

So here is the before... And here is the after.... 9 inches cut off... and she picked out the cut herself (I tried to persuade her into a pixie cut, but she was having none of it!)
I already miss the long hair, but she still looks so cute, and is really enjoying it... :)


keburg515 said...

Sooo cute! What a thoughtful little girl!

Talley Images said...

thanks, Ill tell her you said so.. :)