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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Venable Family - Columbus MS Photographer

Another repeat client and I could not be more thankful - I love, love, love this family - seriously, they all look like models and they are the.sweetest.people.... their only downfall is that they are air force and could move at any time, and that makes me sad. You can see some of their previous sessions here, here and here. But this time was extra special because they have a new member of the family and she is a doll!And of course, you still remember Brody!She so reminds me of her brother!Best set of family pictures ever.... :)This one kills me... every.single.timeCuteness abounds!I think she wants her hat back... :)Yep, I think this one is loved... :)Venable family - yall are amazing and I enjoy every single minute with you... I hope you get to stay for a long time so I can watch your kids grow up... :)

Saturday was cold.... thankfully, its starting to warm up just a bit.... hope it stays that way for just a bit longer - my last wedding for the year is this weekend, and then its pretty much just booth building from there - and yes, we usually look like crazy people with odds and ends all over our driveway every weekend this time of year... but it will be worth it - I cannot wait for yall to see it either...

and then 2012 is so close.... and supposedly its the year that the world ends, so my advice.... get some pictures done... :) ha ha, but seriously, even if it isnt the end of the world, when was the last time you had family pictures done - do you even recognize your kids in them? are all your kids there? was a it a harrowing studio session that you promised yourself you would never do again? Now is the time to start thinking about family pictures - thankfully its only about 2-3 months before spring hits and the weather is tolerable - and the flowers break out and its just gorgeous... dont let another year go by without documenting it, you'll wish you hadnt.

If you have questions, Im all ears/fingers... talleyimages@yahoo.com

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