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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Think About It...

Take a look at our little boy - who isnt so little anymore.... he just turned 7 when this picture was taken. This was the first time we got to celebrate Wallace's birthday WITH him. I had to go through his previous 2 birthdays knowing that we were his family, but we couldnt be with him. Broke my mama's heart every time I thought about it.... especially since we missed his 6th birthday by one week.

Now take a look at this family http://mattmandi.blogspot.com/2011/11/birthday-wish.html - they are going through the same thing right now. And even more heartbreaking is that their daughter knows she has a family -so she is probably missing celebrating with her family just as much as they are.

But... you can help! You can make them both feel a little less alone.... and you could win some really cool prizes too. They are doing a giveaway for an Ipad2and some really cool jewelry that would make perfect presents for those hard to shop for grandmothers that say "dont get me anything".... :)

Or even if you cant make that big of a donation, I know personally, that even $1 makes a huge difference. From experience, adoption is hard... and its really hard to humble yourself and fundraise... it can beat your heart up really fast. So even if someone could only afford to give us $1, it lifted our spirits up more than we could truly express and it often left me crying from thankfulness.

So I dont know where you are or what you are doing... but now is the Christmas season - which if you ask my kids, they will tell you is Jesus' birthday. Let's honor that and give Him a gift that He would truly love... one less child without a family. Lets make this Kalia's last birthday apart from hers.

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