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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Columbus MS Wedding Photographer

Ok, we all know that the holiday season is really engagment time, and I cant wait to see all the new brides - and all the new wedding dresses! So for all of you, get ready, Im about to blow your minds!

The wedding dress is one of the most important things about the wedding and usually what the rest of the wedding revolves around, but they are so expensive... like a couple thousand dollars expensive!!! Which, if you are like the rest of us, we dont really have that kind of money to spend on one dress for one day... but who wants a dress straight off the rack (that other brides probably have), but you cant afford anything custom?

Until now!

Introducing Simply Bridal.... I was just introduced to them this week and their wedding dresses are stunning. And get this... they are all custom, hand-made to order. Thats right - you get a one of a kind wedding dress that is all yours - made to fit your body - no alterations needed... and if that wasnt enough...
- free shipping on all dresses
- a 30 day money-back guarantee
- ready in about 35 days
- and get this, if you do happen to need alterations when it gets to you, then they will pay for up to $75 of the alterations.

Are you getting this?

You want even better news? They are having a HUGE sale on most of their wedding dresses right now - like up to 75% off kind of sale (none of that 20% off stuff here - lets go big!)

Think this is too good and they probably dont have anything good... I just went online and picked out a few of my favorites...

*quick note about these pictures - I have written permission by the owner to post them here, please do not steal them... also, these were all taken (not by me!) in the Simply Bridal studio, so these are the real deal - none of that imitation stuff that you see on ebay.

This is Camilla – less than $150 (this would be so flattering on so many body types!)

This is Lucy – less than $90 - perfect for a modern bride!

This is Jocelyn – less than $150 - the back of this one just gets me every time

This is Penelope – less than $165 - Im all about some color on a dress!

This is Evelyn – less than $325 - yall, I cant even tell you how much a dress like this would cost retail - look at all those ruffles!

This is Dany – less than $180
Did I mention that if you use the code "bridal" (no quotes), then you can get 10% off your order? Yeah, good stuff!

These are just a few of the wedding dresses... you owe it to yourself to go look and see what they have and fall in love... I promise you will. Oh, and for all of you California people - they have a showroom in L.A. where you can go try on wedding dresses and make sure you get the exact one you are looking for - how sweet is that?!!!

Ok, let me speak to you that are already married for just a minute.... do you like your wedding pictures? Are they really you? Are you happy to show them off to everyone? If not, let me suggest that you redo your wedding pictures and make them into something that you love. Rent a tux for your guy and get yourself a dress - one that you like this time and that fits right, and have your wedding pictures done the way that you wanted them done the first time - without worrying if the dress is getting dirty... this is the perfect anniversary present (guys are you listening?) and how cool that you could involve your kids as well, if you wanted.

And nope, Simply Bridal did not pay or compensate me in anyway... I actually contacted them and asked if I could feature them because I wanted to pass on the awesomeness to all of you.... thats what Im here for. :)

lthough... I would love to do some more vendor reviews or giveaways here on the blog... they need to be wedding/photography related, but thats a pretty broad category if you think about it... :) Id love to talk to you and see what we can do. Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com!

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