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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas Miracle

This is Kalia... if you remember, awhile back, I posted this post and asked if you would mind helping out this family get their daughter.

Well, they got TA, which in adoption world means they can travel! In fact, they are traveling THIS FRIDAY and will be meeting Kalia on Christmas day! Can you even imagine how amazing that is - what a gift!

The problem though is still the money.... as you can imagine, traveling around Christmas has sky-rocketed their airfaire, along with a few other incidental costs that have all gone up. But! They are only about $2,300 short from being completely funded... so what do you say we help be part of a real Christmas miracle and bring a daughter to her family - a daughter who has been waiting 10 years for a family.... can you imagine waiting 10 years not knowing if anyone was coming for you, and then you find out they are.... could you stand that wait?

Most of us cant afford to give a super amount of money, but from experience... $1, $2, $5, $10 can make a huge difference.... HUGE! It really does all add up.

And if that wasnt enough, they are having a fundraiser/giveaway and giving away an IPAD2 - which would make a pretty sweet gift for yourself or to give away... theyve also got some other sweet prizes as well.

So please go visit this family's blog and take a minute to read their story and add a little bit to their "Christmas with Kalia" chip in on the right... you will be so glad that you did, and you will know that you really made a difference this Christmas.

Lets all be part of this Christmas miracle!

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