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Friday, December 16, 2011

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Ok, going way, way, way back for this one - all the way to the days of film... :) I dont even have an exact date for when this was taken, but Im going to guess around 1999. I know that I was in college and this was taken at Daniel's apartment that he shared with his brother - we had probably been dating about a year or so. And yep, if you know me, you probably know 2 things about me - 1. I am always writing on my hands, there is usually something always on there, 2. I love tattoos, piercings, colored hair - anything that the rest of the world probably considers punk and such..... so its no surprise that I often give myself temporary tattoos (other people too!) but only 3 times have I done a full half sleeve like this, and this one is probably my favorite... with some maintenance, I think I kept it about a week... and yes, all done freehand and with pens. Its kind of hard to see, but its a cobra wrapping around my arm... I think it took about 2 hours to complete... and I loved it.

Yes, Im crazy.... and Im ok with that.

If you want to see the other 2 sleeves, then you are going to have to leave some comments... or is there anything else you would like to see on these personal Friday posts? or on the blog in general?

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