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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Whole Burns Family Clan - Columbus MS Photographer

You probably remember Caitlyn and Tyler, and the Long family and when I said that Jessica and I have been friends forever - forever! So she finally talked her siblings into sending me their kids for a little bit and we finally got a good picture of all of them for Mrs Marsha (Jessica's mom, whom I love!)...

So lets get started... :) Look at those eyelashes... awesome.

We got this one and I think its probably my favorite - we worked really hard for it...Because Tyler was NOT having his picture taken that day... :)

Such beautiful children.
I dont think we did too bad... :) I thoroughly enjoyed all my mini-sessions this year - I thought there was way too much fun for just 30 minutes.... man, I love my clients and feel so lucky to have them - thank you!

So its almost the end of the year and someone is having a birthday... shhhh.... :)

I am so, so excited for the bridal shows that are upcoming next year - oh my goodness, I cannot wait to show you what I have been working on - I hope it blows you away... so much work, but so worth it. I cant wait to meet all the new brides - its always one of my most favorite parts of the year, so yall make sure you come see me!

feel free to leave comments or email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - Id love to hear how your Christmas was!


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