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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Seven Deadly Sin: Anger - Columbus Ms Photographer

(click on pic to view larger)

Ok, here you go... for all the people who werent able to attend the show, this is for you. :)

Im going to put these on the blog in the order that they were shot, so I can keep up with them... the first one I shot was anger and its probably one of my favorites. And Ive had to keep it a secret for forever, but I love it. (and yes, thats Daniel on the floor). I definitely wanted this shoot to be gritty and raw and I think we accomplished that.

Id love to hear your thoughts.... :)

Also, this 16x24 gorgeous canvas is on sale for only $100 right now. Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com to claim it!

Ill be announcing the winner of the bridal contest tomorrow... hope yall are having a great week... and look forward to some more of the sin pictures upcoming... :)


Brandy said...

Awesome can't wait to see the rest

Allison said...

This is amazing. I followed you through the Psychology 4 Photographers blog, because the title intrigued me. This piece is really fantastic. Keep them coming! :)