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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bleeding Heart - Columbus MS Photographer

If you know me at all, then you know Im a huge bleeding heart. I may try to look tough on the outside, but on the inside Im all blubber.... if a child or animal is hurting, then Im most likely to be the first one to be doing something.

And all in all, life is just weird sometimes.

So yesterday, we went to the Y and let the kids play around for a little bit and left a little bit later than normal, and on our way home, we got to the light at Main Street.... and there waddling around - in the road! - were three baby ducklings!

Ack - I couldnt let them get run over... so I hopped out of the car to chase these ducklings around. (Im sure this is right about the time my husband started his normal eye rolling to the situation).

My chasing them led them straight into the busy road... so I go across too - only to have them run into the bushes.... only to have them run out of the bushes and back into the busy road.... where a truck went by them super fast and knocked them over - I was afraid they were smooshed, but they popped right up and continued their trek across the road... so I followed, trying not to get run over myself.

So now weve made a complete circle and are back where I first saw them.... and then they run under a car (thankfully stopped at the light). By this time, they were getting a bit tired, so I caught two of them and the driver of the stopped car caught the other one and handed it over (thank you!)

So now that I had all 3 ducklings... and these things were tiny-tiny... maybe a day old... they for sure would have been run over if they had stayed in the street.... but now what to do with them? We went to any houses that were close by, but no one knew anything about them.... and there arent any ponds close by at all (seriously, 3 baby ducklings in downtown Columbus?)

So we took them home and put them in a box.... dude, these things were jumping for all their life to get out of the box - I was worried they were going to have a heart attack or something, but thankfully, they were ok - apparently baby ducks just have a lot of energy. We made some phone calls and now they have a great home at the Back 40 Petting Farm in Caledonia.

The kids were sad that we couldnt keep the ducks, but we told them that maybe we would go visit sometime.

Life is just so crazy sometimes.... but I wouldnt have it any other way.


Kimberly said...

I would have done the same thing, you sound so much like me here, but Tim would have been out of the car chasing them with me, LOL. Where is the Back 40 Petting Zoo in Caledonia located?

Talley Images said...

Daniel had to stay in the car with the kids... :)

Its just off the main road - Im not good with directions... ha!

Kimberly said...

I am surprised your kids weren't trying to get out to catch them. I think I'll look into the Petting zoo, thanks.