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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner - Columbus MS Photographer

(photograph done by Celeste Staggers)

Meet Jennifer... she was the winner of the Dismals Bridal shoot. She was nominated by her friend Brandy, and here is part of what Brandy said...

My friends name is Jennifer hebert she is... a awesome mother to 2 boys her and her husband Jamie have been married going on 11 yrs which is awesome in this day and time. Let me tell you a little about Jenni she has been my best friend for 20 yrs and would do anything for you that is what kind of person she is. when she got married 11 yrs ago they had to use just a family friend to go around and take pics with a regular digital camera because that's all they could afford at the time. I think she deserves this because she has been planning their vow renewal for a yr and wants to have that "dream wedding" that all little girls dream of. Did I also mention that she [recently] lost 50lbs and now she looks awesome I think she needs this so she will have the new woman in a new dress in new pictures... What it boils down to is Jenni is a wonderful person inside and out and I couldnt think of anything more than for her to win this photo shoot from you to make her a very happy girl.

Thank you to Brandy for entering and for Jennifer for being so awesome! Im so, so excited to do this shoot and I know you, my readers, are excited to see the results as well... :)

Why dont you leave a comment sending Jennifer some happy wishes...

Also, I hope this will serve as a reminder... get a professional photographer for your wedding - it will be so worth it, i promise!

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Amber said...

Whooo HOOOO Jenni !! You go girl !I cant wait to see these pictures !! Love ya !