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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wedding Ideas - Columbus Ms Photographer

Ive just seen a few wedding trends and ideas lately that I am loving, so I thought I would pass them on to you!

My favorite trend this season - and I really, really hope it catches on is colored wedding dresses...
if you follow www.rocknrollbride.com and www.offbeatbride.com then you know that colored wedding dresses are gaining in popularity, but they hadnt really hit mainstream until this year, when both Elie Saab (via the Wedding Chicks) and Vera Wang introduced color into their collections... I hope it sticks!

Looking for wedding favors, but havent found anything that fits... check out http://www.weddingfavors.org/ - they have some really fun, creative stuff... and! you can get 20% off your order of $69 or more by using the code CHICKS20, but you better hurry - this code expires on Feb 12.

Oh my goodness... this cake is absolutely killing me... I dont know if I could eat it, but I sure do wonder how it tasted and what flavor it was.

And speaking of reception food... I saw these whipped creme dollups and thought they would be perfect for a reception... and hey, Im all for easy and cheap when you gotta have a ton of something... not to mention, they look super yummy!

Oh, and I found these rings for you... I think everyone dreams of having a super personalized ring that no one else has - couture, if you will... but here are some options that are totally affordable!

Ok, Im going to share something with you - Im a scientist at heart - I have a batchelor's degree in chemistry and Im a total science geek at heart... so I totally swooned over this chemistry based unity ceremony - wow, and youve got to read the explanation that goes with it... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Ok, guys (if there are any guys reading my blog!) - here is a huge point winner for you.... get a card or gift for your wife to be - and have someone deliver it to her while she is getting ready (or during the first look) - now thats the way to start a marriage... and these valentines are absolutely perfect any day of the year....

Ok, now for a few links that arent necessarily wedding related, but I wanted to pass them along anyway... b/c Im cool like that... :)

If youre following me on facebook lately, then you know how my latest obsession is circus performers... so Im totally loving these old-school pictures of female circus performers - and totally coveting their costumes! I want!

And you may or may not have heard about the new internet laws SOPA and PIPA and think that it doesnt concern you... if you have a blog, then it does, and you will want to read this to know why and why we should all take a stand against this kind of stuff.

Ok, thats all Ive got for today... Id love to know if you found this helpful at all, or if you hated it.... what kind of stuff would you like to see on the blog - Im all about supply and demand around here... :)

So glad tomorrow is Friday... email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and lets see what we can create together!

1 comment:

Rachael said...

I totally agree with the colored wedding dresses. I wanted to have a light pink dress. I tell Jon that when we renew our vows I am getting me a pink dress.